01/10/2021 17:47

$Ocugen Inc When I graduated from UCLA, I had $37K in school loan debt and was looking for a way to pay without asking my parents for help. I listened to people, MUCH LIKE U BULLS, and invested in a company called Positive ID and lost everything I had...DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WITH OCUGEN....SELL, SELL, SELL
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Mik***com01/10/2021 21:09
Looks like not much changed for bishop hes still dumb maybe not young anymore but still dumb smh if he was smart he would of been betting on this I made a few k off this in the last month what a moron


djo***com01/10/2021 19:12
lol u guys are asking the wrong questions, The question should be How much was everything? 37k in school loans obviously means you didn't have much. I'll assume $ 1,500 your refund check. Final answer

Bishop2G701/10/2021 19:20

i also had pell grants and scholarships...the 37K was only for the last two years (the amounts the couldn't be covered)


Bishop2G701/10/2021 18:38
Not sure why people want to fact check me on UCLA...its not even a good school...just average


608****30001/10/2021 18:28
UCLA huh? What’s the UCLA rivalry?

Jstody01/10/2021 18:32



Jstody01/10/2021 18:27
When I graduated from Northwestern i paid off my school loans from my crypto gains 🤗

Bishop2G701/10/2021 18:34

that's what a private education can get you

daydreamer01/10/2021 18:28



msk***com01/10/2021 18:12
u lost everything. because you are dumb. why would you all in? cuz they told you too? did you research before you invest??? moron

651****19501/10/2021 19:16

And you still are Bish

Bishop2G701/10/2021 18:17

i was young and dumb


daydreamer01/10/2021 17:59
lost everything! Probably just another lie. Seriously though, He's saying he lost all his money, So people should listen to his advice? Do the opposite of whatever he says and you'll be good.

Bishop2G701/10/2021 18:43

ah there you are buddy...was wondering where you were lol

Justin Hoffman01/10/2021 18:42

actually bill gates gave this company over 18,000.00 to get started and has been backing them through all of their vaccines and we're supposed to believe he's going to let them fail do some research bud

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mex***com01/10/2021 17:52
UCLA huh and ur on here putting up lame comments damn nice education I guess

Bishop2G701/10/2021 17:55

Things like..."Ur f*ckin retarded"

Bishop2G701/10/2021 17:54

i get to say stuff on here that I can't say at work so its liberating


bri***com01/10/2021 17:51
Your’e trying too hard


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