01/10/2021 18:51

$Ocugen Inc Look guys...I know I've been posting like a madman and said some offensive stuff here...most of it was because I was bored and found it entertaining...but it was just that...for fun. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Do what you will with your money but I still think Ocugen is a prospect play at best. You guys have a good leader in Justin Hoffman who won't post bullish info just for posting sake. He wants you guys to profit. You guys are in good hands. 👍
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All Comments(8)

tan***com01/10/2021 21:59
its humorous


Justin Hoffman01/10/2021 21:38
hey that's respect brother I really appreciate that I was just talking s*** to bro like you said it's all in fun got to do something while we wait LOL

Bishop2G701/10/2021 21:45

lol all good 👍


Champions01/10/2021 19:49
You still will lose a lot of money for the intentions you had.


Tyrone biggins01/10/2021 18:58
its all good bishop.. takes a real man to admit he was wrong and to apologize.. tip my hat to brother . my fellow trader..


snoopy 01/10/2021 18:56
I have my own mind i don't need a leader but thank you for the concern


Investigator01/10/2021 18:54
Lol we actually enjoy ya here man.... no need to get real with us now 😋

Investigator01/10/2021 18:58


Bishop2G701/10/2021 18:56

lol its cuz im tired now...i was posting for a full day now...im gonna get a carne asada burrito now 😂


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