01/11/2021 01:52

$Ocugen Inc Guess what bears.. I loved this stock enough to buy at .64, .82, 1.64, 1.76, 1.77, 1.80, 2.20, 2.31, 2.49, and 2.61. holding on every position and guess what else.. on every buy I'm green. oh and guess what else??? I love it at 2.74... making ALOT of money doing the opposite of your trash. so keep running your mouth and I will keep buying and stacking cash

FYI. you know what happens when the big cats start to feed?? the hayenas start running..
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jyo***com01/11/2021 03:51
As soon as fda approves covaxin this stock will soar. im talking 100 in a matter of Minutes. watched it happen with pfizer

Cline01/11/2021 04:01

I think Craig Snyder is playing the roll to get this here asap. that news may have been looked over by some but I believe he will fight to make this happen sooner than we think. let's see what he can do

Cline01/11/2021 03:58

That is the upside that will come in its time.


Geekew8601/11/2021 02:31
great job! doing the same ... 2K shares and waiting for 100

jeff "fafa" taylor01/11/2021 02:51

especially with the news I saw today about their other projects

Cline01/11/2021 02:36

don't get too jumpy at 100... that 100 to 200 gap can get filled quick


osh***com01/11/2021 02:19
what is your price target and what are you basing it on?

Cline01/11/2021 04:23


osh***com01/11/2021 02:37

thank you

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jeff "fafa" taylor01/11/2021 01:56
I did the same. only 600 shares, but looking good

Cline01/11/2021 02:48

sounds like a solid plan. I haven't been on top of IDEX. but its in the right direction!

jeff "fafa" taylor01/11/2021 02:09

same here. maybe split purchases tomorrow between idex and ocgn.

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mme***com01/11/2021 01:54
This is what a good investor should do. Good job!

Cline01/11/2021 02:03

thanks brother. looking forward to this week!


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