Justin Hoffman

01/11/2021 23:33

$Ocugen Inc so I just watched ocugen full presentation from the bio connect conference and he said there currently working with Barrett taking steps to get it emergency use approval here but unfortunately he was vague about it no time frame just that both them and Barrett are working hard to get emergency use approval here in the US
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tar***com01/12/2021 01:53
Stop spreadfake news to these poor people lmfao. Link it if you got it!


Kat***com01/12/2021 00:59
Thanks for the insight, Justin. I know you've done a tremendous amount of DD, therefore I would like your opinion and/or thoughts. Besides FDA approval, what do you think the next catalyst will be? Not Bharat, but OCGN. Bharat has released tons of PR and I've read numerous reports, articles, tweets, etc.. on their behalf, but nothing from Ocugen. Has there been any PR besides the initial letter of intent? I saw the news release of compliance, but again that was not directly from OCGN.

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 02:32

yeah of course anything I can do to help I'll say I still 100% believe in what this is going to do I'm holding tight not going nowhere

Kat***com01/12/2021 02:26

I'm thinking somewhere along those lines too. OCGN is definitely keeping things under wraps. I understand them playing it cautious bc of the Worldwide pandemic, but damn throw us a bone! I'm stoked about the endless potential for sure! Thanks for sharing your opinions.

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Bobby Axelrod01/11/2021 23:36
link please

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 01:05

yeah I agree he was definitely way too vague the only part I really cared about is that he said they're working towards emergency use approval in the US other than that it was vague and disappointing

BOLO STOCKS01/12/2021 00:37

Yea, I saw the video as well...hell I woke up at 3 AM to watch that crap. I’ll be honest...I was disappointed with the presentation as he barely talked about Covaxin and didn’t discuss his vaccine advisory board as much as his Retina Specific board. And I have been in this since a quarter back in June. I have always believed in their gene modifying OCU 400 drug...but thats a long term play. This vaccine is what gets all the 👀 - so wish the CEO spoke more about a timeline. But still HOLDIN!

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pol***com01/11/2021 23:36


Investigator01/11/2021 23:35
Nice. I can wait.


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