Justin Hoffman

01/12/2021 14:32

$Ocugen Inc I feel like these guys know something that their just not sharing with people yet insiders buying up shares they changed their statement on there page about covaxing from trying to get us approval to trying to get eua and now they just completely cancel the share holder meeting ya they know what's coming and their just not sharing it yet
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Pax01/12/2021 17:01
Buy more or wait for dip


Pax01/12/2021 17:00
Should i buy mre ,

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 17:03

well the video I just posted that got blocked apparently was a investor interview with ocugen and ocugens says they're planning to meet with the FDA within the next couple weeks no telling what it'll do in between then but that is really good news I'm not a financial advisor by all means so I won't say Yes by more or no don't buy more but you can do what you want with that information


sha**2021=1,000%01/12/2021 16:44
yup..... I seem to be an hour behind all of your posts and they're 3 out of 4 blocked...... I'm telling you, I'm the biggest conspiracy theorist in the room in all things Covaxin now.... (and I'm not a conspiracy theorist AT ALL!)

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 17:00

yeah that is fishy as f*** because all the content I've been posting is actually really positive news for this

sha**2021=1,000%01/12/2021 16:49

they're not all blocked though...... just the ones with content....... fishy AF

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Mrfixit5501/12/2021 16:34
Justin...you prob know by now but ALL your posts are getting blocked ?๐Ÿค”๐Ÿง

J Money01/12/2021 16:45

ill just keep following ya here! ๐Ÿค˜

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 16:42

I just sent a message to webull to find out why my posts are getting blocked

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Nel***com01/12/2021 15:54
That video you posted is blocked


alhenry9201/12/2021 14:48
im seeing a hint/foreshadowing of whats to come. bought more to average down and im only holding 300 @2.52 now. still have time though and staying diamond fisted

jeff "fafa" taylor01/12/2021 16:32

I have added more too. up to 785 and reduced my average to $2.45

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 15:55



Leo01/12/2021 14:43
I bet their getting complete fda funding, which motley fool suggested would not be coming

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 14:45

hard to say exactly what it is but pretty safe to say they definitely know something's coming I think we'll probably be hearing something soon


YoungBull01/12/2021 14:41
this is the type of discussion we need in this thread - thank you ๐Ÿ’ฏ

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 14:42

I know right ๐Ÿ‘


mex***com01/12/2021 14:37
I agree I definitely feel really good news coming in the near future. I keep asking myself why would CEO file for 1.7 million shares @1.87 and the other board members file for shares. I would imagine they are preparing for what's to come. Thoughts?

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 14:39

I 100% percent agree bro I feel like they already know what's coming I knew there was a reason they are being secretive about the details of their plan


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