01/12/2021 18:51

$Ocugen Inc they canceled the meeting its a good thing they aren't selling their shares because they have the only trials for children under 16 going on rn. they ended up increasing their shares instead which you can see the director bought 1.7million shares less than a week ago. they buy in for a reason! they already signed paperwork for a deal for covaxin. if you don't believe covaxin has anything to do with ocugen then do yourself a favor and open their website and see it in the description! they have a whole section dedicated to their partnership with bharat biotech. stop trying to turn people away with miss information so you can have their shares. please don't listen to comments on webull and do your DD!
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Tariq01/12/2021 19:02
they dont have nothing to do with BB while outside of US soil. the misinformation is when people spread news about what BB is doing overseas without a clear explanation.
us shareholders are being effected by this. people come to believe that they are involVed in what is going on overseas so they invest then find out that it really is not coupled with the price decrease and panic sell which cause a reaction from other weak hands.
If people promoted the truth with logic it would lock in more long term investors and the weak hands would bot feel mislead. i know that allot of us promote everyone doing their DD but as we know most people go off what others say amd these comments its mostly yhe blind leading the blind.

Tariq01/12/2021 19:53

if they dont get FDA approval you better run because this no longer means anything.
You still think BB is a good company but you have to remember that you are not invested in BB you are invested in ocugen. BB os a private company.

Tariq01/12/2021 19:49

What are you talking about. i never one time said anything about them not approving the vaccine over here. you clearly did not read what i said or changed the subject because it was the truTh.
I agree with ehat you just said now. rather we believe something will take place eventually has bothing yo do with us having boting to do with all the news coming out concerning BB overseas

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