Justin Hoffman

01/12/2021 22:31

$Ocugen Inc you know what's exciting to think about thinking about all the people who swore they believed in this company selling out not only their beliefs and this company way too soon waking up one day and seeing it cruising along up in 2 double digits and racing and scrambling to get back in which is actually going to be one of the factors contributing to the Supernova that's going to push this into triple digits super exciting can't wait 💯
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Kjf***com01/13/2021 03:08
Im still here brother. They are webull comment and news nut riders. We know the truth 🤙. They cant have my 10K

Justin Hoffman01/13/2021 03:53

no doubt bro our time is coming good to see you still hanging in there brother


Cline01/12/2021 22:55
I see it now


Tse***com01/12/2021 22:51
Every time I’m thinking like that that’s why I don’t want sell.


Kronos01/12/2021 22:46
I sold temporarily to make gains elsewhere so that I could jump back in with mo money

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 22:50

nothing wrong with that as long as you're back before the take-off


Investigator01/12/2021 22:34
haha holding forever

Investigator01/12/2021 23:13

lmao. Some shorts have a sense of humor. Some are just plain mean haha. Like benz818.

Justin Hoffman01/12/2021 22:55

he got salty at me one day because I told him his name tells us everything we need to know about him since he named himself after a Southpark character LOL

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