Justin Hoffman

01/13/2021 04:10

$Ocugen Inc everyone has been so focused on FDA approval as a major catalyst which don't get me wrong that is going to be the major catalyst but everybody seems to have forgotten about one other possible Catalyst we can be getting before then that will also bring this up and that is this company attending all these investment Summit throughout the month guaranteed if they land investors or some grants that will also get this started on that upward momentum and probably in a major way
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Myplytm01/13/2021 10:45
Justin i must disagree.

At this point it is painfully obvious that larger established US pharma is truing to keep this from robbing their fertile feeding grounds.

Ultimately, it is fruitless as the pomitical power shift will ensure their success.

B. Lumbergh01/13/2021 11:28

Yea i agree but the other vaccines suCk honestly and i dont trust this new high tech vaccine honestly with there dna mutation to highly protein synthesis chemial deer antler Super effacy ......i just want the stuff that is tried and true give me the old style of covaxin lol


Stoney Green01/13/2021 06:15
Not sure if this helps but......


Stoney Green01/13/2021 05:15

Myplytm01/13/2021 10:47

And how invested are thise two top holders in J and J? Enough that there is incentive to block and stall to help J and J get THEIR traditional type vaccine to market?


Ant***com01/13/2021 05:02
Great point. I knew that joining your group was the right call.

Kat***com01/13/2021 06:56

Uhh... Hello.... What group ? I want in!

Justin Hoffman01/13/2021 05:48

thanx I appreciate you happy to have you


mex***com01/13/2021 04:42
good stuff guess I need to try and add alittle more 🤔🤷


Cline01/13/2021 04:22
completely speculating but maybe the reason why they canceled that meeting. just an assumption of course but would make sense

Justin Hoffman01/13/2021 04:25

speculation yes it may be but it could be one hundred percent correct the reason they were doing that in the first place with a meeting Was to raise money and then they cancel it I think that means they already know there's money coming in But as you said just speculation


Tariq01/13/2021 04:13
Yes indeed

Justin Hoffman01/13/2021 04:14



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