01/13/2021 14:42

$Ocugen Inc for those who did not share their shares and averaging down, GOOD JOB!

for those who panic sold and short

1. they cancelled the meeting to discuss to limit the shares to be offered to the public
2. their sales projection changed when they forgot to take into account the sale of Covacine yearly.
3. can you imaging selling close to a billion doses every year???
4. remember Asia is the biggest market with 2.6billion fron China and India alone
5. negative news from India are political, the one that died ghat participated in the trial was poisoned
6. the OCGN officers bought over 3million shares
7. Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZenica are not reaching Asia because of production constraints, OCGN has the capacity to scale up with no extreme tperature requirements

do your DD and you will be convinced
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All Comments(6)

sha**2021=1,000%01/13/2021 14:50
all those billions of sales go to Bharat.... not Ocugen.....however, OCGN will be responsible for sales and distribution to ALL of North America....... that's still near a billion in population...... plus, this will be a continued mandatory vaccine at age 10-11..... just like polio.... continued revenue forever

cor***com01/13/2021 14:55

You got the evidence that says all of North America? Because I’ve only ever seen that Ocugen will distribute in the USA only


Neto01/13/2021 14:47
OCGN is ONLY helping distribute to the US. while I’m hilding because it makes no sense for this stock to drop, the fact that India and china has a lot of people wIll not make ocugen money. Bharat seeling to other countries will not make Ocugen money. sure its good news that it could be approved in the US soon, but that’s all that is.


jeff "fafa" taylor01/13/2021 14:47
actually, ocgn will make profit from North American sales..


har***com01/13/2021 14:45
and here they will have competition.


har***com01/13/2021 14:45
but ocgen if approved only make profit here. they are not partner with bharat

Tphorder202001/13/2021 14:48

basically they are partners OCGN is the conduit to get in the US market


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