01/17/2021 16:56

$Ocugen Inc ready to buy my dream truck πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ our time is coming, Bulls!
Ocugen Inc-0
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All Comments(14)

DreamDad66601/17/2021 21:42
Hope it works out πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

alhenry9201/17/2021 21:43

thanks boss! Same goes to you


alhenry9201/17/2021 18:53
my current daily driver, almost at 200k, ill be using the dream truck to go to places ive never visited before!

alhenry9201/17/2021 20:21

yeah, i just paid this off in October after building it from bone stock too lol πŸ˜…

Ukyo Tachibana01/17/2021 19:29

jesus christ


aug***com01/17/2021 18:34

MINOTAUR 01/17/2021 19:08

wherever that is in the picture is my dream place to live.

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:44

Huge fan of black on black πŸ–€


Rp2thatman 01/17/2021 18:21
that's clean

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:44

hell yeah man!


HexicanLS46001/17/2021 18:18
can I think I changed my mind again lol 2012 BMW 750 LI 🀠

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:44

Thatll be sweet, looking forward to pics after we buy our rides!


tan***com01/17/2021 18:15
love big trucks

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:44



1$ outta .15Β’01/17/2021 18:03
Shhhiiiit i just want a stage4 6r140 trans & new turbo For my F350 🀞🏽

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:45

hell yeah brotha, that sounds dope af!


??HillbillyGAINSsnatcher??01/17/2021 17:42

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:45



Slam01/17/2021 17:27
Id like to pay my moms house off by that wouls be like 70 percent of the money

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:43

I'll be paying off my parents debt and my debt before I get the truck, then im gonna reinvest a portion of the leftover for more gains. I love bull markets πŸ˜πŸ‘ great quality people here

tan***com01/17/2021 18:15

awwwww that's sweet


JeffZTrades01/17/2021 17:17
Dreams do come true! Thats going to be one nice looking ride!

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:45

Hell yeah man!


HexicanLS46001/17/2021 17:11
u will definitely get that truck πŸ‘ I plan on adding a 2012 Maserati Quattroporte S to go alongside my 08 Lexus LS 460 πŸ€“

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:53

nice brotha!


newbietrader01/17/2021 17:07
would be great, fully paid off :)

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:54

just paid off my daily too and almost outta debt! gonna be thanking myself immensely for believing in this company! also thankful to have a great group of people winning as well πŸ˜πŸ‘


OMM***com01/17/2021 16:59
hot damn that would be awesome. need me a new chevy.. gave mine to my dad. besides, things go well. be able to get a new chevy and mobility chair. have it set up for that too. lol

alhenry9201/17/2021 18:55

Ive got alot of respect for people like you. May your bags be filled with cash and your life be filled with happiness!


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