02/19/2021 12:34

$Ocugen Inc why do people keep posting that Biden is giving 4 billion to help distribute vaccines to less wealthy Nations well those vaccines are the covax vaccine not covaxin. I'm in the stock oxygen for a lot of money so it's a very disheartening to hear people spew s*** that they don't know what the f*** they're talking about
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Stone Investments02/19/2021 13:28
do your homework. google your questions and you'll find the answer.


tim***com02/19/2021 12:43
Covax is not a vaccine its a program to deliver vaccines and India is the largest beneficiary

Coyote4thewin02/19/2021 12:45

I see that now thank you.


Investigator02/19/2021 12:36
They are seeing connections being made... Covax isnt a vaccine.

gchim02/19/2021 12:39

Google it were not your secretaries

Coyote4thewin02/19/2021 12:37

okay can you explain to me exactly what covax is?


gchim02/19/2021 12:35
Lmaooo Covax vaccine!!! TROLL

Crash Test Dumb-Money02/19/2021 13:13

I suggest doing research before jumping into a stock. 👍

gchim02/19/2021 12:38

Then why are u talking about molesting daughters? Stick to the stock not the crap

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