02/19/2021 19:56

$Ocugen Inc There was a period of time I held this stock around 2 dollars, and it stayed around 2 dollars for weeks. It kept dropping actually. My average was 2.2, and I got impatient with it and sold at 1.7 for a loss. The very next day it spiked to 6 dollars. This is another one of those periods. I learned my lesson. Hopefully you don’t have to
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All Comments(5)

BeW BeEzZ 02/22/2021 20:25
i did the same exact thing lol


GoldenSackh02/19/2021 20:06
I got bought in Dec. in the 2 dollar range, and yes in Jan. it dipped .. it even hit 1.12 at one point. If it weren't for @Investigator posting so much good info and getting me pumped up i probably would have jumped out. Glad I stayed in..

GoldenSackh02/19/2021 20:14

Cheers dude. This will change my life. Hopefully yours to.

SomeUpstairs02/19/2021 20:12

Honestly if it weren’t for the Webull community, I wouldn’t have found this stock and made this much money already. Here’s to the future 🥂


gchim02/19/2021 20:01
Omg when it was at 1.7 i was super red it was hard af to stay!!

gchim02/19/2021 20:08

YES! And back then it was only gio now we have all these trolls shorts spammers 🥴

SomeUpstairs02/19/2021 20:05

Oh yeah, especially with all of those articles that said it would fall back to being worth pennies. Look where we are now


Bearkiller02/19/2021 20:00
I did the same thing. I caught 1200 shares on its way up just over 3.00 a share.

gchim02/19/2021 20:06

No youre not the only one. I actually bought a few more at 17 😂 averaged up a bit

SomeUpstairs02/19/2021 20:02

I immediately saw it running, thankfully and moved my money back at 2.45 but I lost money in my other stocks from that, and wouldve had significantly more shares if I was just patient. Glad I’m not the only one lol


armymann02/19/2021 19:59
Thank you for sharing that💯✌🏾


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