Silchas Ruin

02/20/2021 02:15

$$Ocugen Inc finished the week roughly 16% off course (1374.67) and im continuing to hold 125 shares of OCGN with the phase III results to be published in the next week or so along with reports of its positive effectiveness against the SA variant. At a 33 week time table I may have to give myself an extension but it's early yet. still alot of catalyst upcoming for OCGN AND I'm still considering other options. I just feel like me and ocgn are in a monogomous relationship and all the other stocks know it so that if I step out with say crmt or sndl or even my ex PLUG , all the jealous little ticckers gonna run back a tell ocgn I'm creeping for scalps
she already said she's not with that swinging sh** and the she's all the stock i need and how all i gotta do is treat her and she'll make me her king, but you can't blame a brotha for having wondering eyes.... I mean have y'all seen the way some of these stocks dress with ER beats and FDA approvals and offerings, deals, & acquisitions😥😥😥. 🙏 Lord in your omnipotence & omniscience you knew what i would become before the world knew itself please guide me and strengthen the ties that bind me & my love (OCGN) and make ours a love that lasts all time. AMEN
Ocugen Inc-0
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snoopy02/20/2021 18:02


snoopy02/20/2021 17:56


snoopy02/20/2021 17:51
this is my main


snoopy02/20/2021 17:30


snoopy02/20/2021 17:29
watch to cannabis this week..


MikeMirpuri02/20/2021 02:39
Thats freaking big msg will pass 😁😁😁

Investigator02/20/2021 02:53


Silchas Ruin02/20/2021 02:42

it was for my sweetheart anyway Mike...damn I'm trying to get some😂😂😂


snoopy 02/20/2021 02:21
lol I am cheater I just got into 2 more stocks but ocgn is my main squeeze

Silchas Ruin02/20/2021 02:22

😯 you'll be scandalized lmao😂😂😂😂


learning patience 02/20/2021 02:19
13k today 💪

Silchas Ruin02/20/2021 02:19

now that is impressive💪💎✊


Mag***com02/20/2021 02:17
let's hope for the best, I'm still holding my 2000 shares too

Silchas Ruin02/20/2021 02:18

yes @Mag***com the best is yet to come💪💎✊


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