02/20/2021 07:13

$Ocugen Inc are we not going to talk aboI t thise ? This might be a problem for us investors. Its either we vote no on this on the 16th of march or we all need go some how buy the extra 95 million shares.

They might be doing this because they have a good phase 3 and maybe a fda approval ? Just my thoughts and opinion.
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Captain Hook02/20/2021 15:04
If positive phase 3 results come out large institutions will buy those shares up quick. They'll need funds to push for FDA approval. We'll be ok.


calf196402/20/2021 12:32
they need the extra share cause before that March 16 vote we'll have level three results and we are well on our way to FDA approval it's called growth.


WallStreetKiller02/20/2021 11:24
They have to be doing something BIG with the money because i know for a fact they dont have to give Bahrat any money up front


Bearkiller02/20/2021 08:55
This is very simple, follow the big money. look at all the very large institution buys in this stock. do you really think they will gamble their money? do you think they got all that money by gambling? absolutely not, they have the inside info on every stock they dip into, they are not here to lose.

saje02/20/2021 19:42

Actually they just had a direct offering on the 12th for $23 million finalize.

19kiloOif 08-0902/20/2021 12:40

institutions did not sell

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Bearkiller02/20/2021 08:46
By the time this comes along the stock price will more than likely be close to 100.00 a share. This does not worry me what so ever.

Mannyman2802/20/2021 19:44

Realistic when will this stock hIt 100

Sarcasm02/20/2021 13:10

creating 95m new shares of stock when your entire company is 200m doesn't drive the price up. it guts it. you can't escape the simple math. yes the financials for the company will be stronger, but financials for what? the rest of the pipeline is years away, they're a small company with 2 dozen employees and the vaccine market is getting overpopulated. they just raised $23m. how did they blow that in a month? they don't need $1B in March to sign a contract with Merck for 2022 production.

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Sarcasm02/20/2021 08:35
I've been talking about it extensively. a lot of people seem to be in denial about diluting the shares 47% but I'm not. it's a severe blow and an unnecessary one. if it was only 5m shares and not 95m then it wouldn't be a problem. if it was in September to raise cash for January that wouldn't be a problem either. but the company just raised 23m off stock sale and now they want to issue 95m more shares just as soon as the stock gains any type of momentum. it's sabotage for the investors and shareholders. hopefully the meeting gets delayed or voted down. there's no reason this company needs 1 billion in cash right now, let alone 95m X whatever the market price will be 3 weeks from now.

Cylocke02/20/2021 14:44

Depends what happens, value concentration, value neutrality, value dilution.
They could also create them for large investors like the last offering. I guess we won't know until that meeting.

Sarcasm02/20/2021 13:06

nobody is bemoaning an increase in share prices 😂 I'm saying that OCGN needs to let the growth happen a bit before it sucks the life out of the good news by increasing the shares by 47%. growth is great. that's why the stock went up when they sold 3m shares. but now they're trying to create 95m out of thin air and doing so by cutting my profits. they haven't shown a need for the cash they're grabbing. why not let the stock run to 75 or 100 and in September create 50m shares? why March? why 95m

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stockman7702/20/2021 07:40
I think those common shares will be gobbled up really quickly by investment companies + a great way of donating money . I think we'll be fine ?? but I have no idea


Pro02/20/2021 07:40
We have decided not to talk about it


jar***com02/20/2021 07:25
Selling the extra shares might decrease the value of ours short term. But its just fundraising to build the manufacturing for post FDA approval 🚀


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