02/20/2021 20:37

$Ocugen Inc If you are invested and still dont know anything about the different vaccines in the race go read motley fools for a starter. Dont sit here uninformed, with weak hands, and commenting your opinions of price predictions. Please read people's due diligence rather than just glancing to see if it makes you happy or sad.
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sly_trader02/20/2021 22:12
if you were a real investigator you would know precisely when phase 3 data would be released.

MINOTAUR 02/21/2021 01:18

stop no one knows that. not us anyway.

Investigator02/20/2021 23:25



gchim02/20/2021 21:58


snoopy 02/20/2021 20:46

Investigator02/20/2021 20:47



Kaleo02/20/2021 20:42
JNJ rep said on CNN yhey will not meet the promised quota by April.

gchim02/20/2021 21:57

Jnj sucks lol

Kaleo02/20/2021 20:51


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Kaleo02/20/2021 20:41
Yes ive read also about Sutnik V (not a satellite) but a vaccine that is very effective. 1/4 million purchases already. past phase 3 already.
I like to keep an eye on our competition always.

Investigator02/20/2021 20:43

Very smart man... luckily there is not much trust in russia. But I was looking into that also earlier


Pepe Cilantro02/20/2021 20:39
GET EM BOI. So many people here asking the sane questions over and over. They have no clue what they put their money into. Wild.

MINOTAUR 02/21/2021 01:19

shouldnt be playing casino with stocks or putting up the car keys or house.

jeff "fafa" taylor02/20/2021 20:52

I am just waiting for my options to go to the moon..πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

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BullCode02/20/2021 20:39
What are we hitting this week? 15? 18?

Investigator02/20/2021 20:40

πŸ˜† I'd say with the right news we are all waiting on 60 is not of the board.


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