02/21/2021 21:52

$Ocugen Inc The people that believe ANY of the BS “bad news” about OCGN/Covaxin are the people that believe Jeffrey Epstein actually killed himself.. get out from under a rock and stop believing this MANIPULATION and CORRUPTION put on by our “leaders” and media outlets... they protect their own. They dont care about us. WE HAVE TO FIND OUR OWN TRUTH! SO BUY OCGN and BREAK THE CYCLE!
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Flip196702/21/2021 22:08
Epstien is alive

CrystalBallz02/22/2021 02:48

jimmy hoffa delivered my dominos

Flip196702/21/2021 23:09

Bigfoot was just seen in tampa

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bec***com02/21/2021 21:55
Once again it's from InvestorPlace with their crap


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