Taurus Nation

02/22/2021 09:35

$Ocugen Inc Everyone should consider making an inquiry with Webull, asking why they post the BS from outlets like InvestorPlace so frequently, but barely ever any actual good news.

You'll probably need to wait a few weeks for their automated response, and a few more weeks for them to say "we appreciate your concern, but we'll look into it". Eventually they will have to answer, but they will have no choice if many people make the inquiry.

There's strength in numbers and they can't ignore us all! 😎
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mar***com02/22/2021 10:06
might be better to blast Webull on Twitter. Im sure many people share the same sentiment and may get a faster response.


Cukur02/22/2021 09:56
U mentioned it soo many times with all due respect u Spaming the chat more then them...we get the point bro

Taurus Nation02/22/2021 10:37

oh snap, we finally found the ACTUAL center of the universe? Oh wait, it's NOT you? my bad.

All due respect, if you don't like my posts, I suggest you either block me or just keep scrolling.

I don't post ads, or anything invalid. Not ever.
Not everyone knows not to trust the untrustworthy, so I'm doing what I can in leading these potential bulls to the water, so to speak.

There are eyes other than yours on this message board.

Be well. πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™


Rflete197802/22/2021 09:55
always bad news for ocugen.. smfh


hyperfox02/22/2021 09:52
they pay webull to get clicks to their article


Silchas Ruin02/22/2021 09:45
you can't blame the snake for being a snake or doing what snakes do...recognize their nature and show due respect thus is your longevity increased. in short: it shouldnt matter what articles webull posts or not because it's on us to still do our own DD. Are we gonna give webull credit for our success (rhetorical) then why blame for our failures(rhetorical) NOT THAT I THINK THIS IS A FAILURE, I'm just sayin...

Taurus Nation02/22/2021 09:49

I see your point, but they're screwing "somebody" with their play. It's manipulation, and it's bullsh*t. lol


daydreamer02/22/2021 09:40
You'll just get a answer from webull's AI. No real humans to be found.


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