02/22/2021 12:38

$Ocugen Inc Good news is coming just not today again i will give yall a pretty close time line So PAY ATTENTION on or around feb 25th phase three published shortly after mid March eua in USA around july full FDA so stop asking there is the real answers just sit back be patient and buy and hold THAT SIMPLE THERE IS NOT A MAGIC RABBIT AND A HAT THATS IT SO KIDS SETTLE DOWN IF YOU GO LING ON THIS YOU COULD SEE 100-250 early 2022
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All Comments(7)

BiggMike02/22/2021 12:55
And know this stock has cought the attention of young investors and wallstreet seems to have a problem with young investors making money fast all just my opinion but thats what i see in tge big picture

480****92002/23/2021 13:53

It's not just young investors they notice making that wall street paper... 👑💪🏿✊🏿💎


BiggMike02/22/2021 12:54
I have been in this play for a long time and let me tell you the racist pigs of wallstreet do not like this stock at all so they are unlikely to let it run up like moderna we will have to fight to run it up it wont be a walk in the park


BiggMike02/22/2021 12:52
I got this time line based on DD i have done since September its only a 45% of profits so on eua i suspect that it could spike to a 100 but more than likely we will see the 50-80 range then when earnings are released we could see 100-130 range then when ocu410 treatment begins in clinical we are likely to see a 20-30 dollar jump from stock price at that time which i believe will be around end of the year or early 2022 those are numbers based on the initial hype of each step because there will be a lot of sellers on the hype jump and a lot if shorts on the hype fall


way***com02/22/2021 12:46
we need answers to your statement please


BiggMike02/22/2021 12:43
Yes its possible but it wont be solid you will have to watch for the spike on the hype but it will sit solid on triple digits end of year and early 2022


Green day's please 02/22/2021 12:42
So you got this time line from?


Zephyr02/22/2021 12:41
Isnt early 2022 pushing it pretty far back? Im expecting 100 in the next few months, maybe 150-200 in the next few months after that, then down from there by the end of the year.

KaoticaDemon02/22/2021 12:49

prolly hold 80-150 eoy, but will crash shortly after fda approval no doubt


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