Stock Dragon

02/22/2021 16:23

$Ocugen Inc They ahouldn't have sent a shareholder letter out asking us to appeove the stock increase. Personally, I vote no. It's gonna bring the price crashing down unnecessarily. P3 results would only bring the stock up to about 10-14 if we let them do this. Today's shareholder letter only accomplished one thing -- convincing a ton of people to sell. That was dumb.

I'm still holding, but I'm voting a big fat no on the stock increase.
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Junior02/22/2021 16:29
Lmao how you expect a company to grow ? YES for me !

Stock Dragon02/22/2021 16:37

You must have bought in at .80, so you won't care so much when the price collapses down to 5.


Elon Musk02/22/2021 16:29
How is that bad? More food for the bulls

Stock Dragon02/22/2021 16:36

Exactly, Tariq. Fake Elon Musk here doesn't get it.

Tariq02/22/2021 16:31

More shares os a bad thing. you need to go do some DD on what things make a share prise rise


Lance Pace02/22/2021 16:26
How do you expect the damn price per share to go up if there are no more shares available to buy?

Tariq02/22/2021 16:32

Are you serious?
You people have no clue about how the stock market works

Stock Dragon02/22/2021 16:32

There are plenty of shares left to buy right now. We're in no danger of running out. People keep selling Ocugen. Buy their shares. Today's letter to shareholders was a disaster. Easy to see that by looking at how far we fell.


Money never sleeps02/22/2021 16:26
I won’t know until the stock price hits $30 then you can do whatever you want don’t you sell some thing that we all know it’s going up

Tariq02/22/2021 16:34

Stock dragon these people dont have a clue . they dont lnow how nothing works and dont care to do DD

Stock Dragon02/22/2021 16:28

If we vote yes on the stock increase, it will not reach 30. It might hit 20. If they don't do the increase then I think we'll reach 50 or above, and rather quickly.


Stock Dragon02/22/2021 16:24


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So we're on the phone as it's rising and I had the chart up on my computer screen. Im calling numbers as it rises and I walk away because I place when I take calls.

I tell my brother that he's 10.77 and climbing as we're planning his exit and my son calls out from the room, "Noooooo... now it's 10.89."

MY SON CAN READ A CHART!! I certainly didn't teach him yet. He just figured it out. Maybe not a big deal to you guys, but I'm the proudest dad in the world. I asked him tonight if he wants to learn about my stocks tonight while we brushed his teeth and he said yes. This boy is going to grow up learning the stuff that idiots like me didn't get until we were past our primes.

In other positive news, my$GLOBALSTAR bag got a good deal lighter today. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with it. Definitely going to hold something from this for the long haul too. At 5 or 6 maybe I'll sell half and hold the rest until 10+.

And$Ocugen Inc stayed within reach. I'd just love to get in before the Covaxin approval hits. My little $CohBar curiosity did decently today too I think. Bunch of really promising stuff on the radar. For a little later though.

Didn't get to cook tonight. Too busy, but planning something for tomorrow. I'll snap y'all another crappy picture when I make it.

For now, my brother wanted me to show you all this instead. All credit goes to whomever made this awful pun.

As usual, if you wanna comment, we can talk. If you wanna follow and like the post, you can. I can't control you. Have a good night and I hope you get rich tomorrow. Especially if you bought what I bought!!OneGoodHundo 02/25/2021 03:47
$AMC Ent Holdg I’m hoping I will get to see greens tomorrow. I mean, i’ve been holding this for awhile now like everyone else, and will continue to hold it still! What we’ve all gone through made me realised many things. When the entire market was bleeding, I felt so bad for the others. I saw how much they’ve lost and there’s nothing we could do. Hedgefunds are ruthless! They truly deserve to pay with everything that they have. I just wanna say Thank u my fellow Apes, coz you made me feel safe here! It’s like home! I love you guys 💚🤑🚀Ylime619 02/25/2021 03:56
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