02/23/2021 03:21

$Ocugen Inc honestly, the company should have announced their stockshares that the phase 3 result will be delayed.. i guess they already know that it will be delayed one or two weeks but didnt annouce..
The fact i cannot tell they are a lier But they absolutely Make people disappointed a lot.. indian company.. should I still Hold the stocks ????
(Added more shares in 3 days row)
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Pepe Cilantro02/23/2021 04:44
Bro youre dumb af

Tariq02/23/2021 05:30

They did announce it when the CEO did the interview on 6cbs this last wens

WHOLE LOTTA CASH02/23/2021 04:44

No you are ㅗ


Cline02/23/2021 03:50
they didn't delay anything. they have been saying March. he CLEARLY said that in his investor conference last week. I heard it straight from the mouth of CEO. the reason you think its a delay is because you listen to clowns on a webull comment section. instead of listening to the CEO

Tariq02/23/2021 05:31

You were reading things from outside sources saying what they said they said. all speculation .

jby***com02/23/2021 03:52

yea says March, only other thing I seen by them said end of feb...which means march

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JUNO02/23/2021 03:42
no, sell them.


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