02/23/2021 09:12

$Ocugen Inc That is what happens when a company ask for money on too little news. Nothing should be said about raising money until efficacy data has come out. That is just dumb on Ocugenโ€™s part for putting the carraige befor the horse. I am still holding strong, but I can blame investors for taking profits on their latest news. You have to be smarter.
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WhiteBoyRick02/26/2021 06:33

what happened after their direct offering? ohh you don't know. increased to $18.00


JN02/23/2021 09:28
No bad news came out... the whole stock market is down because of something called treasury bonds where you can do your research


Andrea02/23/2021 09:15
yep most penny bios are run by crooks and scumbags. learned the hard way with $Onconova


Sarcasm02/23/2021 09:14
exactly. they should have waited until there was phase 3 data and announced they had applied to the FDA for EUA...then said we need the shares to get to market...it would have been received so much better and the stock would be better positioned to absorb the retraction. old investors would have been rewarded and new investors would remain optimistic.

Tariq02/23/2021 09:24

Or should do the meeting first and then the data so the news brings it up not the other way atound where the meeting brings us down after we go up


Bullish?02/23/2021 09:14
OR may be they already know what the efficacy is๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘

Worm 02/23/2021 09:23

Exactly! Phase 1 & 2 were good enough for approval & its being used in other countries. Plus all of the other great things they have in the pipeline!
Read Indian news & there will be no douBts!

sam***com02/23/2021 09:20

Could be, that is what i am hoping.


...02/23/2021 09:14
yeah that was pretty dumb. tanked their stock but I bet they think it's just the market. not how dumb of a move this is


sam***com02/23/2021 09:13


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