02/19/2021 03:07

Most of the market sank this week. Not worried. News of Texas slandering hydrogen...pathetic when the hydrogen infrastructure is infinitesimal compared to oil and gas. We still rely mostly on oil and gas for our power! Petty move to try to swing investor sentiment into falling back to just trusting dirty old energy of the past. Looks like someone's loosing money (oil and gas) and is scrambling because we all know there's no such thing as bad press and they'll utilize anything to prop themselves up.. For goodness sake...the natural gas pipelines are freezing over...anyone seeing that news? Quit trying to place blame! Go Elon!! Tell his b**ch *ss off!!
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All Comments(12)

shtonks 02/19/2021 13:31
How fast do you guys think we could get renewable energy in place if old money in oil and gas didn't try to prevent it so hard to protect their wallets?


GoldGargoyle02/19/2021 12:52
LMAO, you have no clue what you’re talking about. 😭🤣

shtonks 02/19/2021 13:14

you're right, neither do the trillions of dollars pouring into clean energy


Plumbdog Billionaire02/19/2021 11:07
Since youre from up north you should quit yappin and since its snowing and freezing today go play with some pipes all day like i will be at work outside. Then come back and tell us all how full of it he is.

shtonks 02/19/2021 13:17

it's a bad situation yes, but why is oil and gas trying to blame renewable for the reason people don't have power? When there's reports of people in Texas taking shelter in their tesla's for warmth over their homes which mostly rely on gas.


Exponential Ascent02/19/2021 10:30
Man cannot control Mother Nature


cob***com02/19/2021 09:34
Y’all crack me up see how far you get with your renewable energy without oil and gas. You can’t do it. Y’all are funny though keep up the comedy.

shtonks 02/19/2021 13:09

for now. Transition period.. How long did it take to implement the oil and gas infestructure when that was emerging? I don't think it was short😅plus we have the technology today we didn't back then to help speed the process


Crunchypagan02/19/2021 03:44
"dirty old energy of the past" 🤔😒 Uh. I really hope you realize that the "dirty old energy of the past" is what keeps this entire world going. How very naive of you to think clean energy is actually ever going to surpass the "old ways" anytime in the next 100 years, if ever. People will continue to profit off idiots like you and the environment scam. Too many of the rich rely on such "dirty old energy" to keep their pockets filled. For gosh sakes, we wouldn't have a military if not for the oil industry! Your heads shoved so far up Musk's rear your cope smells like sh*t.

Bla***com02/19/2021 13:00

You two retards are so up your ass with liberal and conservative shit that your brain is melting in stupidity

Plumbdog Billionaire02/19/2021 11:04

Preach bro. Its literally come to this point lol

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Morkie Money02/19/2021 03:13
They're barely a 20% a renewable energy state!


doo***com02/19/2021 03:09
guess your not in texas freezing your ass off

Sco***com02/19/2021 12:03

I'm in Texas. We barely use renewables. Most of these problems are for failed coal and natural gas generators that aren't rated for the temperature.

shtonks 02/19/2021 04:12

I'm not but why is renewable energy being blamed for outages in Texas when they hardly occupy the area?😂

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