11/09/2020 01:30

Hey 8500 plus followers, here is a some news on me to get your DD started.
Notable earnings before Monday's open..
$$ALLETE ALE, $$Blucora BCOR, $$Biohaven Pharma BHVN, $$Brookfield BIP, $$Black Kngt BKI, $$Peabody Energy BTU, $$Cars.com CARS, $$Canopy Growth CGC, $$Cannae Holdings CNNE, $$Ebix EBIX, $$Gogo GOGO, $$Hecla Mining HL, $$Howmet Aerospace Inc HWM, $$Intercept ICPT, $$McDonalds MCD, $$Plug Power PLUG, $$Ryder System
Well see you all Premarket on these as well if they are playing on continuation
$Aptevo $Oncternal Therapeutics Inc $Toughbuilt Industries $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Aurora Cannabis $TILRAY, INC. $NIO Inc.

I will also alert you all (Webull) on news as it comes in after I post for our group to get them on them first. See you all in the morning..Choo,Choo
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cash company11/09/2020 08:51
how do I join actual group?

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵11/09/2020 08:52

email me at my Gmail account under monietrain for information


Ali11/09/2020 04:20
Keep watching ENLV this will surprise every one, it may jump 100% to 1000% $Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵11/09/2020 04:32

will do


jon***com11/09/2020 02:08
Thoughts on $Assembly swing?

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵11/09/2020 02:12

haven't looked into it


Webull Promotion 11/09/2020 02:00
I'm curious why not alot of people are liking the comment but there is 8,000 followers? thanks

MoneyTrain🚅💵💵💵💵11/09/2020 08:51

email me at my Gmail account under monietrain

aec***com11/09/2020 06:12

how do I join moneytrain??

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