Justin Hoffman

02/19/2021 18:14

$Onconova typical lunch time this stock does the same thing everyday once people come back from lunch it'll get a surge of volume and start its next run up just hold on to what you have if you're going to buy more now is probably the time and buy the ask for the last few days this thing hasn't been able to break that 1.50 anytime it gets even remotely close to it it bounces back up
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BigSmokenJ02/19/2021 18:20
Why does this stock have so much resistance?

BigSmokenJ02/19/2021 18:30

I am a newb myself but this stock seems to be a no brainer to buy and hold... I understand buy the dips but for heavens sake these are penny dips.

Justin Hoffman02/19/2021 18:22

unfortunately I think this stock is flooded with new Traders who don't know what they have so there's as many people selling as there is people buying and it's causing a lot of resistance


Rich Uncle Pennybags02/19/2021 18:18
even on Fridays?

Young02/19/2021 18:19

Just hold and sell at its peak

Young02/19/2021 18:19

Friday is not the best but youll be happy monday if you bought 300+ shares


squidbrother02/19/2021 18:16
great captain..u now out of ocgn?

mic***com02/19/2021 19:01

I wonder what color the sky is in Justin's world.

Justin Hoffman02/19/2021 18:22

thinking I might hold this one long to though

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