10/30/2020 14:12

$Naked Brand Since I started Investing In March I have lost almost 6k. what is a good stock to invest on. taxes are going to kill me this year. $Titan Pharma $Zomedica Corp $CBL & Associates $OpGen
Naked Brand-0
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347****02811/02/2020 11:38


Peasant2Rich10/31/2020 02:05
stay in opgn.


Kazul Obzrvr10/30/2020 16:47
I'll add one thing to the myriad of "advice" you've received to your question, something no one seems to have reproached you on. Your biggest worry, it seems to me, is that you fail to understand the basic underlying concept of investing -- that is, making a move based on having fully investigated the equity in which you believe there is promise. What it sounds like you have done is NOT considered investing as much as it might be looked upon as mere gambling. The old adage about a fool and his money soon parting still rings true today. And while luck can still be a part of it, far more wealth is accumulated by an individual's diligence when it comes to educating oneself and putting in the work and the effort necessary. We reap what we sow. Peace.

Mar***com10/30/2020 16:49

And that was my mistake, 100% Agreed


Special_JKM10/30/2020 16:07
You may have made 15K then ended up losing 6K, but that original 15k isnโ€™t realized gains since you ended up losing money before the end of the year. So no taxes to worry about for now.

Mar***com10/30/2020 16:11

That's a relief, thank you so much. You really did make me feel relief, thanks


MarkCuban 10/30/2020 14:55
your bank


benihana10/30/2020 14:54


โ€ข~โ€ขMeow๐ŸŒธBยกtยขhโ€ข~โ€ข10/30/2020 14:51
Check out $Cemex for a swing. but alWays look at the t2 and chart to make sure you arent buying at the top.

$NIO Inc. ~ $CARRIER GB CP ~ $IBIO is at a low rn, BE CAREFUL if you enter for a swing as its been on a downtrend and just dropped below 200 day MA. But is oversold so could rally for the swing. ~ i recomend looking at jason bond for tips on how to find stocks. I can tell you what i look for if you are intersteD...but its about what bond will give you free, also this guy on youtUbe i love and his name is Timothy Sykes (this guy rocks it. he would tell you the things i would tell you.) happy trading/investing!


xtarekxx10/30/2020 14:50
if you lost alot you can report that as expenses i believe or something that will reduce the taxes on you also as far as i know if your still invested in an asset/stock/cryptocurrency you shouldnt be paying for money that you dont really have yet

Mar***com10/30/2020 15:15

thanks for the advice


Legend7710/30/2020 14:50
how much do you have left? and second.. a lose of money in the market to is a write off on your taxes. and if you want to put it in something going up. be patient and selective if you want to learn to trade daily or by the movement. or get into something that will eventually grab many peoples attention to change the everyday process of mankind. me personally am all over GNUS, BNGO( cause it will have many backers before we hit 2025 maybe before 2023.I see both being a longtime investment. A few EV investment as well. or I have a deal going on that I love making money and will takeover your account for a small percentage of profits. know the more people I have I am making profit from the more profitable I am. so I want to make you money! hit me up

Mar***com10/30/2020 15:15

left as in my investment account? So example. I have had 2 big hits one stock I made 7k then took those 7k and put them in another stock but lost them. Those 7k will still be taxed correct?


860****77010/30/2020 14:35
if you lost 6000 I wouldnt think your taxes would kill you it's only when you make money and dont reinvest your earnings. If Biden wins he will change the tax code then profits capital gain will kill u.

ben11/02/2020 11:30

its only guna be a .01% tax that aint shit


Reptard10/30/2020 14:20
try not investing anymore lol. nah but fr if you're gonna put that much you're probably better off with the bigger companies like Amazon or apple and such

Mar***com10/30/2020 14:21

Thanks, Will definitely look into it


dav***com10/30/2020 14:20
Not if you lost money

ben11/02/2020 11:26

u only pay taxes if ur up overall bro obviously if ur negative u dont pay shit

Pre$ton10/30/2020 14:44

@bmused so you dont have to pay taxes as long as you keep it in your account?

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Pre$ton10/30/2020 14:15
Ive been trading for couple months and ive had big wins but also big lost to where im breaking even as of now. Will i have to pay taxes?

Pre$ton10/30/2020 14:33

What has got me is being greedy. Made me lose a lot of money. You live and you learn. will we have to pay taxes if we didnt make any

Mar***com10/30/2020 14:18

same with me, the first few months I actually hit 2 big ones making a total of 15k or a bit more. but then I made the BIG mistake of reinvesting it all and lost it all, now I am in the negative 6k


ard***com10/30/2020 14:14
No worries. If you lost money. No taxes....

Mar***com10/30/2020 14:17

Oops replied to the wrong comment, I have actually made 15k but lost it all reinvesting. and now I am in the negative almost 6k down


Mar***com10/30/2020 14:13
Says July but I actually started Investing in March

UpTix10/30/2020 14:22

So As of Now, U have a 6K clai LOSS on UR taxes
However, U can MAX claim only 3k loss for the year. U can roll that LOSS over to next year

Mar***com10/30/2020 14:15

and now negative almost 6k

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