02/22/2021 10:07

$OCEAN POWER TECH this tech is a joke Stock price and history tell the story and it’s a joke by weak minded people to think that texas would ever need crap like this being in and from texas I can tell you this keep watching cnn for drama and less than acurate news and keep telling yourself in 2-3 months this is going to take off rockets baby keep lying to yourself its truth if you believe but if it doesn’t work out theres always beanie babies and john wayne plates if you want to stick with a long shot
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KMoneyBagsDMD02/22/2021 11:30
okay teddy bear go back to sleep


Keegan02/22/2021 11:01
This guy is clueless lolol


Cri***com02/22/2021 11:00
wtf are smoking dude haha πŸ˜„..!!

Frahmmy02/22/2021 13:22

that OG Cap


Segulah02/22/2021 10:57
Lol what? πŸ€£πŸ˜…


Jrock02/22/2021 10:53
Why you here

JJ-202002/22/2021 14:24

I've made the most money off this stock last year. idk what you lost but it's cycles are great. buy the dips .. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

RobStonkowski02/22/2021 13:00

If you've been holding it for a year and a half that means you bought in around $1.80, which means you'd be up 300%. You're holding Puts lmao. You're not fooling anyone, troll. And if you think your dumb comments are going to start a sell off or hurt the stock, please continue. But also please come back and whine and cry in the comments here when it goes up.

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