11/12/2020 22:40

$Camber Energy

You know one person's investment is another person's Bag holding I guess...

Until its 2, 3 ..4 an Eveyone calling you a bad holder is chasing while your selling them your bag.
You been with me a while you already know this.
having bags of the bottom list i was called a clown Bluh Bluh Bluh.
$NIO Inc. 2.34 avg
$Blink Charging 1.29 avg
$CBAK Energy Tech .59 avg
$Sunworks .47 avg
$Pacific Ethanol avg .22

All in my feed. Plus 100 other 300%+ Runners..
( no dont follow me , Not what this is )

To All my Traders this year that made a killing
Congratulations!! ..

And to next years 44% taxes..
This will that last year for me.

Happy Trading Eveyone ..
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All Comments(8)

Tonythetiger11/13/2020 11:00
CBAT is now trading at $6 πŸ₯³


Rollfat11/13/2020 03:24
Weed Nerds United!! I think you're great!! 🀠


Jhu***com11/13/2020 00:29
old man, do you think camber and sundial will drop more, and then we can scoop up some big bags?

Phanzi11/13/2020 03:15

Po- public offering, i believe

WhaleChaser11/13/2020 02:38

old man, I loaded up 22k shares today am I in a good position you think?

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WhaleChaser11/13/2020 00:29


Nor***com11/12/2020 23:24
Sir, Didnt you say you are bored next year and just gonna be here for fun?


Asking for a lot11/12/2020 23:07
Whats your web site name i will follow


SouthernBellemama11/12/2020 22:53
Ignore those idiots they are clowns we know who the real deals are πŸš€πŸš€πŸ’΅ you have helped me and im a veteran lol love to you and your wife πŸ₯°

Thisoldman11/12/2020 23:14

Sorry I dont see anything, My block list works to weed out haters . all good 😁
THank you tho . Have a nice night.


Stock Monkey11/12/2020 22:44
you must be holding a pretty big bag to have to spam all over the place

OptionsRMYObsession11/13/2020 07:39

Hes far from a spammer and does well!

Nor***com11/12/2020 23:25

I have not seen him being wrong!

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