11/13/2020 16:25

$DraftKings Inc all you morons do realize there numbers were AWFUL right? they spent more money on marketing and promos then revenues. they had over a million new customers but they only spent 32 million which means in average their players are only spending 34 dollars a month LMAO!!! You bozos cant even read an earnings report.

this is why $Penn Natl Gaming is pumping more. they SPENT 0 in marketing and have as much revenue in the one state them draftkings
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All Comments(7)

Ricari2811/14/2020 09:36
Penn & dkinG diff entities

Pokerpro2111/24/2020 06:58

yess moron I'm well aware


chiefredrum4711/13/2020 20:12
lul if yiu heard awful during that call you dk shit

Ricari2811/14/2020 09:34

You wrong bro

Pokerpro2111/13/2020 20:29

funny how you retards cant argue with any facts. typical retail idiots lmao


Rach11/13/2020 19:28
Wow somebodys mad at the world 🀣🀣


904****32411/13/2020 16:35
So kinda like how Tesla spent millions into the company and it paid dividends later?

Pokerpro2111/13/2020 16:36

tesla had no competition. are you comparing sports gambling to electric cars??? lmao


Derek11/13/2020 16:33
how do you think they have no debt and so much money on hand....they are expanding...they are spending money on marketing and drawing people in....once they have the people and all states are legalized...they loterally can spend almost nothingand just rake it in...but they wont because the will keep expanding but have nore people bringing more in and spending less...lol

Pokerpro2111/13/2020 16:39

and you're retarded if you think players will just stay with the company. have their looked at their retention rate? it's less then 15% most of the players are jumping around. your thesis is the dumbest thing I've read here

Pokerpro2111/13/2020 16:36

they dont have so much money on hand. they have less then 900 million in hand. penn has more in hand quit spreading bs


Appa & Momo11/13/2020 16:30
shut up bear

Pokerpro2111/13/2020 16:33

no I'm just not a dummy who cant read numbers


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