Daddy Warbucks

11/12/2020 19:14

$Pfizer Why would Pfizer hold on to a vaccine for weeks knowing it had a 90% success rate? because they were waiting for Biden to become President. There is no pandemic and Pfizer like the rest of big Pharma are frauds! Report just released stating Pfizer contacted Bidens campaign weeks ago to deliver the results. Trump is going to win and Pfizer is going to tank! PS: I do not own any shares but Ill be watching closely.
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Carolinacatsfan 11/12/2020 20:21
Your all morons if u think Trump wins, WTF!? Lol, non of his lawsuits have stuck amd he has zero proof of any voter fraud. baHahaha!
Get over it

Daddy Warbucks11/12/2020 20:21

Pay attention -


Miles O’Tool11/12/2020 19:30


gle***com11/12/2020 19:24
Pfe ceo sold most of his shares πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

Frenchip 11/12/2020 19:58

Ceo still own 15 millions

πŸ“ˆDrakeπŸ“‰11/12/2020 19:29

look up with a 10b5-1 stock plan is. sale was set in August. do your DD people.


edh***com11/12/2020 19:21
Aye, it is "rigged" ... PFE is now below where it was before they announced 90% efficacy, which exceeded most all expectations. WTF?!

Daddy Warbucks11/12/2020 19:23

PPE may go back up, 4 states have announced mask mandates, restrictions and even curfews!


TH3WAY11/12/2020 19:20
lol imagine if trump actually did lose. I know it's crazy to think about.

Daddy Warbucks11/12/2020 19:22

The way things are going not only does Trump win but some people are going to prison. That includes some republicans.


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