11/18/2020 03:56

$Pfizer Just use common sense!! People don’t like the difficulty required to transport the vaccine as it required extremely cold temps, especially when you’re talking about distributing word wide. Moderna’s vaccine appears far superior for that reason because it doens’t require extreme cold storage to transport.
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All Comments(5)

ozz***com11/18/2020 08:58


PapaGeorgio11/18/2020 05:36
Have you heard of dry ice you imbicle?

Angerstein7911/18/2020 16:10

Why is the government concerned about the logistics of transporting the vaccine. Do you watch the news? Love the fact you have to insult to get your point across which is false anyways. Do you know how much dry ice that would take!!

sha***com11/18/2020 06:40



DomAgu11/18/2020 04:34
go to moderna comments then, we don't want to here your trash here

Angerstein7911/18/2020 16:10

Trash stock actually. It’s gone sideways forever


Arr***com11/18/2020 04:32
Also the CEO has promised to cover a heft amount of the cost the last phase of distribution.


Green Leaves11/18/2020 04:05
Moderna's Is not really superior. because it requires more than 1 times for vaccine. Pfizer only need 1 times. each has their pro and con.

Angerstein7911/18/2020 16:14

Not true about the number of doses. Pfizer requires 2 as well.

Gmane11/18/2020 04:24

Not to mention its significantly cheaper.


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