Stock Shaman/Guru

01/05/2021 21:21

$Pfizer yeah but .play. not going pass $30
it be propt up. it gonna drop as low as $14. and up to$30. so you can trade the middle of that for a tear or so but if you think its going past $31 your crazy. they are not making any money its all vaccine hype. I was in @4+ to 8+ and almost doubled my money came bad made some in the 18 -26 short to early @27.7 it went to 30 back to 26+ I sold. ill wait till about 30 then short again to maybe $14 then the final ride will be from maybe $14 to about 40+ then it will sit on that mountain for a while. remember what I said also follow me
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Stock Shaman/Guru01/05/2021 22:41


adm***com01/05/2021 22:32
$14 不不不不不不不不

Stock Shaman/Guru01/05/2021 22:37

yeah funny right . probe how play has made more money since it was $14 dollars a share. answer is you can't. which means your a trend only trader. which also means your probably a newborn


DAVESTAR_THETROLL01/05/2021 21:29
What are you talking about your saying you think this will to bafk to 30

Stock Shaman/Guru01/05/2021 21:34

also im not say 30 im say as far as 30 could start dropping now. if I wad in now I would be looking to sell and short again I did but got out to ride with PFE for a while

Stock Shaman/Guru01/05/2021 21:32

it wont pass 30- 31. then may drop as low as $14 . probably not that low but could. then it will go up till 40+ then I wouldn't expect to much more


Wbe***com01/05/2021 21:25
Man its already past 30

Buy Low Sell Lower01/05/2021 21:43

Youre not in play comment section nor did you tag them wtf

Stock Shaman/Guru01/05/2021 21:29

I think your talking bout PFE. if you are check PFE call. its going up till dividend/ earnings . so if it speeds up it going to be crazy. that till end of February maybe even first week of march

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