Stock Shaman/Guru

01/13/2021 09:42

$Pfizer listen im posting this for all yall rookies and that don't know how to read charts or just don't know what yall doing. NOW is the time to get in on PFE. I have up on 20 plus stocks since Dec. Pfe has done exactly what I planed up till now. and it has followed exactly how I charted it. it is get in now or shout up. it is going to spike hard. most can really read charts. face stuck on one chart and can't see the bigger picture. remember shaman / guru said this. for those who hold congrats. listen if you want to learn and watch the million dollar race follow. im working on about 4 new picks now. looking @a brand new right now 4:30am. wow good luck to all respectable traders. and to the ones who have troll mouth you will never find what you are looking for. Follow .thanks.
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tyl***com01/13/2021 12:03
What is your target price?

Stock Shaman/Guru01/13/2021 13:13

its hard to say. this stock is a great company. it will double or more the time line doesn't show it to be fast but it could. but what I can tell you is the next bounce will be over $41-$42 . I see maybe at least $44-$50+ by its timeline. especially they way it lines perfect with news earnings dividend. thanks. good luck if your in and follow if you like.

Stock Shaman/Guru01/13/2021 13:08

its hard to say. this stock might double or more but it could take???. but i can tell this the next bounce will be over $41-$42


RMorales7301/13/2021 10:32
Im in complete agreement. This has been beaten down and is now ready to pop. I tripled my position yesterday during the dip. Now im just sitting back and waiting.


Cep253501/13/2021 10:20

Stock Shaman/Guru01/13/2021 10:26

just run a moving support line

Stock Shaman/Guru01/13/2021 10:23

already said .pull up 1year . you can do it your self its a easy one to see. hope you in on pfe


Sbradkin01/13/2021 10:00
Post the chart then

Stock Shaman/Guru01/13/2021 10:06

also for you. it lines perfect with earning and dividend. this is where you say thanks.and I say your welcome.

Stock Shaman/Guru01/13/2021 10:02

don't tell me what to post. you ask. and all you have to do is pull up the 1year and put a moving support. its that simple. your welcome. follow.


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