05/27/2020 23:07

$PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals Will the stock really rise tomorrow or is it all fake news?
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Will05/27/2020 23:26
My best guess because i make most of my money from after hours percentage gainers... it will go down at about 4-4:15 Eastern time tomorrow morning. Wake up. buy the dip. sell before the market opens. If youโ€™re smart and not greedy youโ€™ll Get away with 15-20 percent.

Donโ€™t expect it to double, but theres plenty of hype and that means it will spike.. but it doesnt mean it will stay up or keep going up

kindapartekal05/28/2020 00:44

You can use Webull. You just have to tick off the part that says "extended hours" when you make an order.

Reas05/28/2020 00:29

How can you buy at 4am??which app are you using??


cap***com05/27/2020 23:08
It was always fake news, but plenty of stocks go up on fake news

Bullsdeep05/27/2020 23:32

careful buddy. trading isn't easy. long term and dividend investing isn't easy either but trading is much more difficult and frustrating. I don't recommend just tossing money in and hoping for the best. You'll have more fun at the casino and will get free drinks and food at least. If you need help ask for my email and I'll post it. Other wise this isn't a get rich quick scheme. Its a profession like anything else

Bullsdeep05/27/2020 23:28

its not fake news its called fluff news... not quote quite fake but not on the up and up either.

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