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11/19/2020 01:33

$Palantir Technologies Inc. πŸ˜ŽπŸ’»πŸ›°πŸ“²πŸ˜Ž

GOVERNMENT had 999 Companies Bid and they picked Palantir. Basically I bid million dollar contracts on the regular. We have a term for this... "Basically they've got that shit on Lock... No point bidding against them." Get ready for massive contracts to inflow. Providing government tech to commercial companies. Duh... Buy as much as you can. Sell at $100.00 may take 1-2 years.
Palantir Technologies Inc.-0
Palantir Technologies Inc.-1
Palantir Technologies Inc.-2
Palantir Technologies Inc.-3
Palantir Technologies Inc.-4
Palantir Technologies Inc.-5
Palantir Technologies Inc.-6
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dippitydog11/19/2020 06:32
You all better read and dd PLTR first before thinking of scalping or swing on it. All post on PLTR page is. Its taking a plunge tomorrow. So, be cautious on these type of alerts. Just saying.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/19/2020 09:15

agreed Do your own due diligence then don't miss the party


DADA11/19/2020 05:07
Yep. I'm super bullish on Palantir. I don't own stocks but if I did that would be one. I think it will be 100 by next year sometime.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/19/2020 09:16

1-2 years minimum


Chris$$$11/19/2020 04:19


Anthony11/19/2020 02:22
Good luck bro, I’m rooting for you!!!

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/19/2020 02:37

TY just a $ Time bomb in a good company with low risk waiting to go off. Free money as far as im concerned. Now to find a few more like this to add to my portfolio.


CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/19/2020 01:51


C8Stingray2111/19/2020 01:49
Nice position. That’ll be a cool mill for you in about a year! Good luck man!

Andwile11/19/2020 06:25

damn I love them good gains

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/19/2020 01:50

Actually I have 955 shares also on Webull 1.14 Million


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