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11/19/2020 13:13

$Palantir Technologies Inc.
💰How to make money from PLTR! Made 97k💰

❤ 1st the Beautiful 30 min chart observe. Follow that range up to $25 Profit before it hits top and buy back in at the bottom. That's pretty much what I did. Chart says 25 bottom line. Take it for what you want.

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Mung Tongue11/19/2020 14:18
😎💻 Tracking rocket emojis....

$Palantir Technologies Inc.


Rockets confirmed - bullish sentiment detected. PLTR software connecting with datasets to inform the appropriate investors it's time to buy.


CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/19/2020 13:15
We thought it was going to diverge but instead we got a catalyst.


CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/19/2020 13:14
See the bull flag, notice yesterday's conversion When we tap the top take profit. Buy a stronger position when it taps the bottom.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/19/2020 13:48

For today 18.30 to 19.80 is scalp territory with a break out at 19.35 running to 21.10

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/19/2020 13:47

17.30 for a long play and max gains as time goes by it goes up but 17.30 next few days would be my limit buy. Don't worry about fomo just wait. You want long scalps to maximize profit on gains.If it's at the top DON'T hold no matter what.

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Fukcing lozzzzers...

I am here for the next 2 years at least ..NO PROBLEM: I WANT TBIS STOCK TO GO TO 30 DOLLARS SO I CAN GET AT LEAST 2000 SHARES 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎MoneyNoHoney 12/04/2020 12:36
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If you dont like my post, feel free to block me no hard feelings. Dont really care as your opinions don't pay my bills.

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