CEO - Minuteman Power Services

11/20/2020 17:50

What it's like to hold long on $Palantir Technologies Inc. for me after a while you just kind of trust the process knowing where it's going.

In an Nutshell. Long on this is easy. Scalping this is annoying. Calls Printing like crazy. Intensely riveting to watch it play. I find big money fascinating. You learn a lot here.

Good luck trading today guys. Hold the fort!
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CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/20/2020 17:54

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/20/2020 17:55

That Fibonacci though those hedges follow it.


iluvbags11/20/2020 17:54
it feels just like that to go long on palantir...

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/20/2020 17:59

Sir you will be opening up your own weed store holding this stock

joe***com11/20/2020 17:55

facts . especially the weed part lol


joe***com11/20/2020 17:53
in all honesty it needs to start going back soon to stay in pattern


joe***com11/20/2020 17:52
were in normal correction mode at the moment but ifeee like it needs to hold 18 before it starts a comeback

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/20/2020 17:57

Where's the news. PLTR knows we bulls have been holding the fort. What's up with the UK deal...

CEO - Minuteman Power Services11/20/2020 17:55

Total agree


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