CEO - Minuteman Power Services

01/05/2021 22:06

$Palantir Technologies Inc. Okay guys 25k shares & in since 8.96 most of you guy's know me. If you don't click on my name & ADD ME because WE ARE GOING TO PUSH TO 38.00 MIN! It will happen extremely fast 1-2 days then down to 26-28 Set your limit sell order for 37.80 & just wait incase you need to adjust it. After we hit a top then sell immediately and wait to buy more shares with the gains

That's how you get 100k shares over time swinging and averaging up as a long term investor.

Good luck trading guys.
Palantir Technologies Inc.-0
Palantir Technologies Inc.-1
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Profit over emotions01/05/2021 23:16
Good one but we’ll probably see 38 in less than a month. not a week from now. Hope you’re right tho, if you are I’ll retire.

CEO - Minuteman Power Services01/05/2021 23:49

2 weeks max


Stonks only go up01/05/2021 22:44
Lolol have fun bud


jul***com01/05/2021 22:34
is this based off the premise.of the bull flag popping?

CEO - Minuteman Power Services01/05/2021 22:39

yes around 27.40


nik01/05/2021 22:32
ok bud, I have listened to you through ups and downs (unfortunately lots of downs lately).
I pray you are right... but I also think you are high😁

nik01/05/2021 22:41

if you are right we will party and both get high!!!!!!

CEO - Minuteman Power Services01/05/2021 22:38

if we break the pennant yes with no bad news notice no news articles about the new contract because it was a waste good news coming big time


Irrational Exuberance01/05/2021 22:30
you from Ohio?

CEO - Minuteman Power Services01/05/2021 22:39

No Chicago originally


Bigbench01/05/2021 22:20
So your time frame on this jump is in the next two days?

CEO - Minuteman Power Services01/05/2021 22:21

Better be here when it starts

CEO - Minuteman Power Services01/05/2021 22:20

I'd say within the next week


jje***com01/05/2021 22:16
yea, next week I'll buy in again.. good luck


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