01/07/2021 18:27

$Palantir Technologies Inc. sold 10 shares today in the 24.70's so glad. while this stock might have potential it is too slow moving and has the possibility of dropping a bit more. considering the Time Value of Money, i'm good. only 60 shares left, there imo are better more fast moving & certain plays. investors pay attn to TVM
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All Comments(6)

Electrum01/07/2021 18:52
Too slow moving? Seriously? That kind of mentality is a sure fire way to lose money.

$$$Zsa-Zsa_Gabor$$$01/07/2021 19:45

I like to make returns EVERYDAY... I don't lose money. I flip it EVERYDAY and beat investors in the SAME stock every single year


geo***com01/07/2021 18:43
100% facts

$$$Zsa-Zsa_Gabor$$$01/07/2021 19:46

Right people in here don't know how to make money, a day with money without profits is a day LOST. People need to open some finance books and study TVM seriously


Diosito01/07/2021 18:35
Weak hand Weak hand

I am b&b (BullNbear)01/08/2021 05:21

I made 7 daily trade today not much 445,98,65,50,180, 37, 30

$$$Zsa-Zsa_Gabor$$$01/07/2021 19:47

Not at all too busy making money in stocks that move. Recognize that there are opportunity costs. Money is finite. Money here is money not somewhere else that's more profitable


Danny G01/07/2021 18:35
You mean day traders and gamblers pay attention to TVM. Investors are long in nature and see the big upside to this stock.

$$$Zsa-Zsa_Gabor$$$01/07/2021 19:48

Yea a trader with damn near a 100% win rate. Call us what you like. We make money... period point blank. Investors don't have a clue my profits COMPOUND DAILY. I don't take a balance sheet approach to stocks.


GôdŠêńtßęäšt01/07/2021 18:32

$$$Zsa-Zsa_Gabor$$$01/07/2021 19:49



FastnFurious01/07/2021 18:32
Its going back to 23.5 soon

$$$Zsa-Zsa_Gabor$$$01/07/2021 19:44

Exactly folks are absolutely delusional

B. Lumbergh01/07/2021 18:55

Good i hope it does so i can buy more lol. This is a win long term no matter what you think about the company.


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