B. Lumbergh

01/13/2021 13:26

$Palantir Technologies Inc. Does anyone else see this article as an attempt at manipulation in an attempt to keep this stock down??? This doesnt make since to me this stock doesnt Seem like a sell stock at all. With price points and all going up, company fundamentals are where they should be, contracts are coming in, the company is nearing profitibility, and should be profitable in the comIng months. I am super confused by these experts
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B. Lumbergh01/13/2021 13:31
Thats funny not enough room for growth in the technology sector不不不不不不

B. Lumbergh01/13/2021 13:33

This is such a joke even if i stretch my imagination i still cant understand this article

B. Lumbergh01/13/2021 13:32

Sorry i am commenting after i read each article seperately. These guys are literally clowns


Jay01/13/2021 13:31
A lot of call options expire this friday. At 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, because of the massive open interest, theres a likelihood those contracts would be exercised and the price would keep jumping if paired with massive inflow volume, kinda like a domino effect

CitiBanks probably the one selling covered calls and doesnt want to be the one paying these call option buyers.

B. Lumbergh01/13/2021 13:36

That would be so awesome to prove what they are doing and call them out...i know very unlikely but would be awesome

B. Lumbergh01/13/2021 13:35

I wish there was a way to see this information lol. If anyone know of how we might be able to see this link it here不不不不不


Bigb01/13/2021 13:28
They are not experts, if its downgraded: they have fomo or want to make more profit; if its an extreme upgrade: They are losing money on it. They make money off people believing theyre goving free advice

Smitty Werbenjager Manjensen01/13/2021 13:41

well said


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