CEO - Minuteman Power Services

01/13/2021 14:07

🙄 FEAR = GOOD & HAPPY = BAD EXPLAINED 🤔$Palantir Technologies Inc. Hmmm we do realize that they just announced winning a 258 million dollar contract 🙄 (Quarter Billion 🤯) I didn't think I would have to say this but obviously we're going up It's a short into a buy which is becoming a pattern.

However, I guess there's a lot of new investors that don't understand adding almost 1.5-2 billion in market cap in 3 months is pretty amazing for any company. I think guys are just caring about today and that is not a good investment strategy usually you lose gains, you miss entrys, you increase slippage and errors in entry with having a bunch of steps keep it SIMPLE if you want peace of mind plan your strategy and give it 2-4 month timeframes to play out.

Don't go all in, a typical entry point is 10-20% of capital then it's called "Adding on Confirmation" add another 60%. Yes you could have made more going all in, but vise versa you can have almost always expect a retest of support before the next pop seeing a 5-10% dip on 100% of capital makes you feel weird and over protective. That is the difference between the big market makers and the retail investors... Take the rest of your capital and take it to speculate on something else to keep you busy while you wait out your play.

That will make you feel so much stronger about your position and if you follow your plan you will see the rewards that you "Planned on Realize"

For those of you who want everything in meme terms and dumb'ed down to a few words.

Palantir Technologies Inc.-0
Palantir Technologies Inc.-1
Palantir Technologies Inc.-2
Palantir Technologies Inc.-3
Palantir Technologies Inc.-4
Palantir Technologies Inc.-5
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nik01/13/2021 14:25
but will they beat earnings?

nik01/13/2021 14:38


CEO - Minuteman Power Services01/13/2021 14:26

omg Profit and adding 2 B market cap 2X Beats with 4 price upgrades


PapaBolero01/13/2021 14:08
Stop it now, youre making too much sense

Matt Caskey01/13/2021 14:26

@minute You are right in this post coMpletely

Matt Caskey01/13/2021 14:25


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