02/19/2021 10:13

$Palantir Technologies Inc. a quick check of level 2 data shows there are deliberate walls set up repeatedly up and down the board. This can only mean one thing. And that is big money is purposefully trying to keep the price down for a reason. I know you hear this a lot from people speculating on comment boards... But 90% of the time they're talking out their ass and have no idea what they're speaking up. In this instance, this is literally being done deliberately. The next question is... Why? And there's a simple answer for anyone new to the markets... Large corporations, and in this case probably just a single large corporation... Want in on the action. Whatever the case may be, it could be a lack of funds available, it could be the fact that funding was tied up until today... Could be several reasons. but it's clear that the price is and was being manipulated to purposefully keep it down long enough for whichever Institution was needing it to stay down. you will know when said Institution has their funding clear... As those walls will magically disappear. Once that time comes, which we are expecting to be today, this is going to Skyrocket. For a couple reasons. Number one those funds will have cleared end the large institution holding this back will make their purchase. that will clear the walls. Then, due to the extreme amount of hype and volume this should move very fast. it's being hyped and pushed all across social media. It's essentially a group of crazy's beating at a door waiting for the door to give in. and the moment this institution is able to make their purchase that will be the equivalent of the door getting caved in. Expect a huge surge. Now it's up to the retail investors out there on how far they want this surge to go. remember, there's a reason why all these institutions are throwing millions of shares into their accounts... And it's not because the price is going down. They expect this to rise exponentially long-term. With that being said, people who are much smarter than anyone in here are all expecting this to rise long-term. So ask yourself a question... Why would you sell this for a few dollars profit? Set your asking price High and make then come to you. Anybody who was attempting to short this could get literally destroyed today if the general public can all act cohesively. Which means everybody raise your asking price. You hear it all the time, but in very few situations does it really truly apply. And this is one of them. Buy as much as your account will allow, and hold your shares. Raise your asking price. Then throw your phone away. you shouldn't even think about selling until people like Cathy wood are selling. and that's not going to be today tomorrow or next month. Buy them and hold them and thank me later.
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All Comments(10)

Coconap02/19/2021 10:36
Sir this is a Wendyโ€™s

Tgwhisp02/19/2021 10:40

๐Ÿ˜ nah...chic fil a at the VERY least. a little higher class.


Rich202102/19/2021 10:27
WELL SAID. This is a company that you INVEST in for you and your family longterm. Donโ€™t blow this wonderful opportunity. Berkshire didnt become worth what is is today overnight.

Tgwhisp02/19/2021 10:39

exactly. there are a lot of really smart people better jumping on this. Hopefully some of these youngsters can take a step back and think rationally for a moment. there is some stocks today trade and there are some stocks to just sit and hold. This is definitely one of them.


SuzieScorcher02/19/2021 10:19
i like the post.

Tgwhisp02/19/2021 10:23

I would be willing to bet you have a positive account. Imagine that. enjoy your day๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


Quico02/19/2021 10:19
longest comment ever !๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€


logan02/19/2021 10:17
bruh... there are literally no walls whatsoever


jyo***com02/19/2021 10:17
I prefer the simpler answer, good ole shoRt squeeze with our favorite stock market superhero

Tgwhisp02/19/2021 10:20

well, there's more to it than just that. But the squeeze is definitely part of it.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


Coomer Alert02/19/2021 10:16

Tgwhisp02/19/2021 10:22

there's no shortcuts when it comes to success in the market. remember that. if you don't put in the effort, you will never reap the rewards.


650trader02/19/2021 10:16


JP Moar Gains02/19/2021 10:15

Ay202/19/2021 10:21

? Itโ€™s actually strange you thought he was mad. projecting? ๐Ÿ˜†

Tgwhisp02/19/2021 10:17

not at all.


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