Louis Winthorpe III

02/19/2021 12:01

$Palantir Technologies Inc. My biggest problem with the new WSB retards. is their spamming of the dumbest shit!

How about you learn the basics of investing before you open your dumb mouth?

This isn’t setup for a short squeeze. Theres a few Fundamental reasons why not. and if you dont know what that is. then you should learn before you sound like a complete 🤡.
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Billy Ray Valentine02/19/2021 18:54
louis, I can't agree more about the 7 million or so that joined in the last month. you also know that some of the fiercest Palantards were the original wsb'ers who bought in heavily in Nov. I was among them. the other, OG, sub actually has some useful DD as well as the memes we all know and love. jeffamazon, the man who's DD on GME was so scarily accurate-down to the pt- , that chamath sings his praises, has a new play outlined before the bear market hits. tell em cheeseheroplopcake sent ya. I'm a nobody, but it's still fun to say.

Louis Winthorpe III02/19/2021 19:28



Billy Ray Valentine02/19/2021 18:04
I've been around the sub for a few months. the 7 million noobtards that jumped in late on GME think they know everything. check out wallstreetbetsOG, jeffamazon and a whole bunch of the old crew have set up shop there until things settle down in the homeland

Billy Ray Valentine02/19/2021 18:35

tell them cheeseheroplopcake sent ya

Louis Winthorpe III02/19/2021 18:17

Good to know. Ive been a lurker there for a few years now, mostly for laughs. but its gotten pretty annoying as of late. thanks for the info!


MANBEARBULL02/19/2021 12:25
everyone saying *are you dumb?" are the same idiots who bought gme in the 300's

Louis Winthorpe III02/19/2021 12:32

Exactly! This guy gets it.


der***com02/19/2021 12:19
they picked this stock because ARK was buying NOT because of a short squeeze... its obviously notna sgort squeeze candidate

Louis Winthorpe III02/19/2021 12:30

Are you blinD? Then why is every single one of them screaming. “Its a short squeeze!” “Next gme, next amc!”


Monty02/19/2021 12:16
are you this effin dumb? you want them to come here so this stock goes to the moon. let them be, it's their money. you are not that smart afterall.

Louis Winthorpe III02/19/2021 12:28

Im here for the long play. These paper handed retards will be Gone in a week. how does that help this ticker? Go play in the kiddie pool and come back when yoh hve something to offer.


jai***com02/19/2021 12:03
Thank you! Finally someone gets it 😂


tea***com02/19/2021 12:03
Leave them be. Let them blow up the stock if they want. Are you dumb? You should take this down and hope they make the stock explode

Louis Winthorpe III02/19/2021 12:29

ThE stock is moving up with or without them. they are just noise that takes away from actual catalysts and scares real knveators away. DONT TRY AND PRETEND LIKE YOU KNOW SHIT! Cuz apparently yoh don’t.


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