Just some random guy

02/19/2021 15:17

$Palantir Technologies Inc. So many people are getting out of this stock today & next few days there's going to be a lot of consolidation target 47.10ish in a week or two Recommend sell 80% Portfolio top of pop sell otm calls on the other 20% hold in the 55.00 range say 1 week out to make high premium on the dip back down to the trend line. Maybe buy Puts with a bit of that capital on the way down for say 32.00 & make a lot of money.

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BearSpray02/19/2021 15:30
Vhat? Calls are regaining control Not to mention 3 dollar jump

Just some random guy02/19/2021 15:32

Yeah it's going up will consolidate a lot


Sjvara02/19/2021 15:23
Too much info...you are all over the place with you advice...I was a fan...now not so much

Just some random guy02/19/2021 15:24

๐Ÿ˜ณ Okay well things change as new information becomes available but I understand. I hope you make a lot of money anyway


Dar***com02/19/2021 15:22
@Just some random guy what is the good probable high today to the 80% of the shares? 30?

Dar***com02/19/2021 15:28

Got it thank you Sir!

Dar***com02/19/2021 15:24

I have an average price of 35 at the moment.

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iam***com02/19/2021 15:22
do u think it will dip below 25 today? can i buy now or wait till below 25?

Just some random guy02/19/2021 15:30

Buy into a low support line

Just some random guy02/19/2021 15:30

no way it's running up so not to cross on the weekly MacD


Sully02/19/2021 15:18
wth is happening on your screen

Just some random guy02/19/2021 15:18

lol Trend lines, Fibonacci levels from the day it went public


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