02/20/2021 13:22

$Palantir Technologies Inc. It’s funny watching all these boomer style investors get left behind. They refuse to open their minds and realize that companies like Palantir can’t be valued the same way the P&Gs and Exxons of the world are valued. if you read PTs book zero to one, you understand the importance of foregoing immediate profits for long term monopolization of your market. they are legit evolving according to a well thought out and long term plan. I think the best way to value a company like PLTR is to look at their market and the long term potential for dominance in their emerging market. Once youve done that, you can monitor their trajectory and determine whether or not you believe theyre still headed in their planned direction. value the company based on where they plan to go, and how on course they are for getting there. or go buy your ITOT or SPY and enjoy your boomer returns
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Ranchcop02/20/2021 14:13
Im a boomer and invested in Tesla, Bitcoin , here. I am a younger boomer though 😁 but as long as you keep an open mInd roll with the changes youll Be okay Just my thoughts Now lets make some money 💰

mik***com02/20/2021 14:20

Agree. just hate seeing good companies get beaten down by the media based on justification methods that dont really apply to this sort of company.


Danny G02/20/2021 14:07
What are the wrong valuation methods being used and what would be the right ones ?

mik***com02/20/2021 14:19

Just valuing it based on current revenue and profit as opposed to the planned trajectory that will eventually lead to profits. Increasing revenue per customer etc. obviously these sorts of companies are riskier plays as their markets are still emerging, but them not yet being profitable is not a Valid reason to say theyre not worth more because in this case lack of current profits is by design. i think you should look at the trajectory to profits and the increase in value per customer over tjme


ARK02/20/2021 14:07
They been calling testla over valued since it was $50
Now they regret it testla close to 5k
Samething will happen with palantir watch it beat snowflake lol


col***com02/20/2021 13:38
It's not so much a boomer thing as a risk management, not overpaying wasting money thing.

Unfriendlyradish02/20/2021 14:45

Cool see you in 5 Years when you buy in at 4x the current price.

mik***com02/20/2021 13:48

Ya everyone is entitled to their own appetite For risk and risk management, but its just irritating hearing analysts talk about how overvalued companies like this are when they’re not using the correct valuation methods to come to their conclusuons


Alex Karp02/20/2021 13:36
I agree with this, all but the last part. A part of your portfolio should be in index or etf of some kind. Ask any stock owner of a bankrupt company.

Alex Karp02/20/2021 13:54


mik***com02/20/2021 13:45

I mean yeah most of my portfolio is s&p 500 index haha. Its just super annoying hearing analysts talk about how dangerously overvalued companies like this are, but then go on to use the wrong kind of valuation methods to back up their hit pieces


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