11/13/2020 11:12

$Plug Power Humz. Sell off friday especialLy this stock already gain high alll week long now . If you a pro . you can tell by now after all week gain now come to premarket and this stock doesn’t gain a lot . meaning there will going down at least for tmr. espciaLly sell off day too. just saying. if you guys don’t belive me . just keep this messaGe for record
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A.s***com11/13/2020 17:30
like i mentioned above. keep this message For a record. look like is not a guess but is the fact now this stock is going down and continue go down.
I would switch back to placing call end of today But mArket has gain toO much now . TakEs myoney out end of today and see where market direction heading Monday.
It ain’t All about Reading chart . More important is going with the flow And use your judgement from your experienceD.


Bri***com11/13/2020 14:08
sounds like an educated guess. but a guess none the less. charts buddy. charts


ele***com11/13/2020 12:21
In that case i will see if there is a dip at the end of the day to buy in


car***com11/13/2020 11:54
Tell that to Nio, Li, Pvev

A.s***com11/13/2020 17:33

Nio going down too after big gain and Will habw it turn i Auto will go down after today earning but depend what section will gain on Monday also. Going with the flow and


Silchas Ruin11/13/2020 11:46
I'll keep the message but your reason is vague with only your opinion to back it up. you could be right but bc the time frame of positive sessions alone isn't enough to convince me that that reason alone is a harbinger of an imminent pullback. I believe the pullback y ours referring to won't take place until the 2nd week of December around the 10th/11th


Dustin11/13/2020 11:33
lol.. thanks for the insight....


rin***com11/13/2020 11:17
Thanks for the info . appreciate


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