11/18/2020 15:17

$Plug Power Fucking hilarious. people in here trying to strut their stock experience and act like people are worried about plugs financial sheet. People are looking at the bigger picture. This stock has insane momentum behind it. Everyone is riding the wave right now. Until the hype calms down, its not dipping below $22
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nat***com11/18/2020 15:29
keep positive, the big financial institutions did not invest in this company for nothing...vanguard, morgan, blackrock, etc. lots of backing in this stock, we should be fine.


PLOUTOS11/18/2020 15:23
nope. I'm not. I just keep getting criticism for my posts. I've been watching this stock everyday day cause I play options on it weekly. I'm just saying, read the forums out there. bears will barely get a chance to cover if it gets near 22. I hold zero shares.

hovs11/18/2020 15:29

Only time will tell my friend. Good luck!


James11/18/2020 15:23
Momentum will ride you so fsr at some point the underlying financials will prevail

James11/18/2020 15:31

So how does your comment about the bigger picture support your argument

PLOUTOS11/18/2020 15:25

I agree


Garcia11/18/2020 15:20
Not dipping below 22 πŸ˜‚πŸ€‘


hovs11/18/2020 15:20
And here you are flexing your experience 🀣


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