11/20/2020 01:06

$Plug Power Historically, coming from a PLUG long who has only been here since Q2 earnings but yields a near 100% return on stocks and 600% return on call options. I will say that PLUG is typically red on Fridays.

Use this time to load up on more shares, buy the dip, because next Monday PLUG will be above $25. Stay long on PLUG and you will b rewarded.

(I use different broker if thats why youre questioning how long this account has been active, signed up so a friend could get his shares)
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Gamagimo11/20/2020 01:14
Today I bought Call $25 expire Dec.18. I'm negative now 😢. I should hold right?

Gamagimo11/20/2020 02:57

thanks man. I believe in this company for sure. I'm holding shares, I don't mind it's going down. but this is my first try holding options. kinda scary...

V t 11/20/2020 02:25

dude. 100% ALWAYS HOLD YOUR CALLS TILL CLOSE TO EXPIRATION.. calls Mess w peoples emotions. Dont panic sell even if your calls are negative 200 if you trust the company... youre negative 200 call could tUrn into a +200+ profit the week after. happenwd to me with nio and plug. just hold and see. Play logically not emotionally. Youll regret selling at a negatvie when yOu see the stock price go up in dec. all about patience

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Garcia11/20/2020 01:13
See you at 18


Options10111/20/2020 01:11
This coming monday?

Lyn***com11/20/2020 01:12