Chasing Prophets

01/08/2021 01:40

Just making a post to update my followers on some of my current positions, intended exit strategies and my opinion on these securities.

$Growgeneration , As I mentioned in a previous post, I took back my principal, but left 100% of my profits behind. This company has very good growth potential moving forward over the next few years and beyond, especially considering the possibility for federal decriminalization of marijuana and the further legalization of marijuana state by state. There will be a huge demand for their equipment from growers. You could attempt to pick the winners or the losers in the ever increasing legal marijuana market or you can invest in a company that sells equipment to both the winners and losers. This company will consistently grow in value regardless of which companies become the winners and losers in the marijuana marketplace.

$Plug Power , I wish I would have held my long swing just a little bit longer after this recent rise, but still glad that I left behind 100% of my profits. I will continue to hold my long position in this company for the next few years and possibly further. They have shown consistent growth in acquiring new contracts and are extremely adaptive with new innovative strategies for increasing revenue growth and profits.

$BurgerFi International Inc. , I'm still up a considerable amount from my initial investment, but I will continue to hold until I reach a price target near 100% for my total returns. Then I will most likely leave all of my profits or a large portion of my profits for the long term. This will not move fast like EV SPACs, but I have done a ton of research on this company and have complete faith in my investment over time. BurgerFi has unbelievable growth potential moving forward over the next few years and even decades. They are already established in a new growing demand for quality, healthier food, but still with the convenience of fast food.

$Skillz Inc , I'm still holding my original investment and up roughly 70% currently. I will continue to hold until I'm up over 100% for my total return, then I will look closely at the technicals and most likely leave my entire profit or for sure a majority of my profits for the long term. This company has very good revenue, proven growth, potential growth and very good intrinsic value. I'm not sure whether the growth will be fast or slow over time, but I feel positive either way that it will continue to grow steadily year over year moving forward.

$Palantir Technologies Inc. , I will continue to hold my long swing until I reach my price target, then I will take my principal and some profits and leave a decent amount of profit behind for the long term. I was tempted to do that on November 27th when it hit 33.50, because it was ran up a little too over inflated for the size of the contract that was acquired. But I still hold firm to my 35+ price target. This company is backed by institutions, benefits the government and the public and continuously acquires contract after contract nationally and internationally. It may take a little more time than I intended and a little more up and down volatility, but Palantir will reach my price target and then steadily climb beyond it.

$Fisker Inc , I'm still holding my long swing here and will take back my principal and some profits around 23 to 25, leaving a portion of profits behind. I have been slightly disappointed in the volatility without catalysts, as I assumed it would have a little bit more steady consistent growth. But given all the external catalysts affecting the market, EV stock choices and no recent major positive catalysts I can't complain too much. I still believe Fisker has more rapid growth potential in the short term, just waiting patiently for some good news.

$Alibaba , I recently added to my position and averaged down. I'm looking for a price target of 300+ for my long swing. After I reach the 300+, I will closely monitor technicals and create a precise exit strategy. I will take back my principal investment and a portion of profits, but will still leave a decent portion of the profits for the long term. In my opinion Alibaba will survive all the bashing, negative news and overselling and will adjust its strategies moving forward and continue to grow even further than before to new ATHs.

$Longview Acquisition Corp. , I have held this investment since early November and will continue to hold until after the merger. When the merger occurs I will pay very close attention to the technicals day to day and make a precise exit strategy for my original principal investment and a portion of my profits. I will leave a portion of profits behind for the long term, but I feel the company will probably have very slow steady growth over the next few years after the merger. However, the technology they have created is revolutionary and in my opinion they will steadily increase revenue year over year.

$CARRIER GB CP , This company has extremely good fundamentals and after looking at the chart, I thought this swing trade price target might take some time to reach. Well, it is possibly the slowest moving swing trade I have entered in the last 6 months. But I still believe strongly in the potential growth of the company and will hold my swing until around 44+, then I will take back my principal and leave 100% of my profits behind for the next few years and beyond. This company will continue to steadily grow year over year moving forward. It might not be the fastest growth, but it will be consistent.

$APEX TECHNOLOGY ACQUISITION CORP , This is still my favorite SPAC and one of my largest SPAC positions to date. I don't mind taking profits off of hype and hopium SPACs, IPOs or securities. But I always focus on intrinsic value, fundamentals and potential growth over time before anything else. I got in very early on APXT and haven't taken any profits in the short term fluctuations and swings. I intend to hold this until post merger and most likely days or weeks beyond. I will assess that more accurately through technicals post merger and create an exit strategy for my principal, as well as determine how much profit I leave behind for the long term. AvePoint is an extremely good company with endless potential positive catalysts and solid potential growth moving forward. In my opinion APXT is a sleeping giant in the SPAC world.

I just wanted to post this for my followers to give a updated sense of my current positions and opinions on these 10 specific securities moving forward and as usual this is not a recommendation to buy or sell any securities. It is just my positions and my opinions. I hope this information helps my followers as well as any new investors who happen to read my post.

I will be posting my 4th SPAC list of summarized due diligence on 10 SPACs that have yet to merge in the following week. If you are interested in the summarized due diligence of the previous 30 SPACs that I covered just scroll back through my previous posts. Thank you to all my followers.
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(21)

Art***com01/12/2021 20:22
any clue if QS is a good buy in right now?

Chasing Prophets01/12/2021 22:10

I actually haven't looked at QS much lately since the huge run up to ATH and then the 50% plummet drop that followed. It has been extremely volatile since the merger, so make sure to do your due diligence before taking a position.


bri***com01/11/2021 19:00
thank you ! new follower of yours. u have confirmed some things i have been thinking..im still rather new but it helps to see that someone with more experience shares the same views.. u should get a twitter.

Chasing Prophets01/11/2021 21:49

Thanks for the follow and I'm glad the information helps. Also, I have actually just set up a social media account recently to share more information with followers, I will be sharing my social media information soon on Webull.


Oxford Batman01/10/2021 19:46
Awesome post! Curious to know your price target for APXT?

Oxford Batman01/11/2021 03:23


Chasing Prophets01/11/2021 00:44

Thanks. And I will readjust my price target based off technicals post merger. Because it is really hard to predict any of these SPACs on whether they will increase consistently pre and post merger or over inflate insanely and then settle back down to a reasonable value. I will continue to post updates though on my position and exit strategy for APXT over the next few days and weeks.


Elv***com01/10/2021 09:33
Thank You honestly! your effords to spread the knowledge is noble act cheers to great success in your future

Chasing Prophets01/11/2021 00:36

No problem and thanks for the positive words.


Art***com01/09/2021 02:57
thank you for all your help man! I always have trouble deciding what to buy due to not having real time researching (school and work ๐Ÿ˜’).

Chasing Prophets01/09/2021 06:00

No problem, glad the information helps.


dan***com01/08/2021 13:03
Wow what a quality post! Def folllowing you. i have puts on baba rn and honestly super nervous, i think this thing is going up

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 21:38

Thanks for the follow.


mil***com01/08/2021 07:38
You got yourself a new follow. Thanks for your good work ๐Ÿ‘.

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 21:35

No problem and thanks for the follow.


ang***com01/08/2021 06:50
Thank you so much kind sir. I look forward to your next lesson. I seem to understand more from you then some of the stuff I read, lol. You are a true blessing to a new trader, and if you ever do figure out what platform to go to I will be sure to follow you. Thank you for being so kind and generous. It's hard to find someone who is willing to help out now a days, and I am so thankful you are helping out. ๐Ÿ’–

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 21:34

Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad the information helped.


KGN-SAMAIA01/08/2021 06:31
Please start your Twitter handle, we will all join you instantly..

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 21:33

Thanks. I'm going to look into it this weekend and should have an account soon in the very near future.


rgi***com01/08/2021 05:43
what is a good price entry for Apxt?

KGN-SAMAIA01/08/2021 06:29

For APXT look for Avepoint and for Avepoint its all about Microsoft and cloud computing...This company has very very high potential growth in the long...This company is not for flipping pennies..it is for holding strong and for long...Do not trust me Google it for all information and when you are satisfied then join the party...for entry point anything around 14 is very good it might touch uper 13ish but merely few hours only to move up look up the daily chart...

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 06:05

I started my initial position under 11 and I haven't looked at the technicals once since then, but based off the fundamentals and intrinsic value of the company, I would say in my opinion that anything at or under the current value has very good potential for gains going forward over the next few months especially over the next few years. Just look at the current technicals and grab a position that you are comfortable with, hold it and be patient.


Sam01/08/2021 04:41
@Chasing Prophets Do you have a Twitter handle and do you post on there as well?

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 21:25

I don't have one currently, no, but I intend to create one soon, because I have had an increasing amount of requests from followers on Webull lately to create one.

eri***com01/08/2021 05:42

@Chasing Prophets Do you have a Twitter handle and do you post on there as well?โ€‹if you do I would be very interested in ur plays.

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Cryptoguy01/08/2021 04:41
great job, thank you so much ๐Ÿ™. How can I get first two SPAC list?

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 05:16

Click on the menu in the bottom right, then click on "my posts", then click on "following" and select my name. Then scroll down through my previous posts and you can read everything I have posted on Webull. Just look for the posts that are titled SPAC list.


CroCaCola01/08/2021 04:34
Well done.

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 05:09



sri***com01/08/2021 03:36
Thanks a lot, for the detailed information..love it

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 05:09

No problem, glad it helps.


Jim***com01/08/2021 02:53
wow. thank you so much. awesome

Chasing Prophets01/08/2021 05:09

No problem, glad to help.


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