01/13/2021 20:30

Power stocks $Plug Power $Nvidia
I will not comment on political after this post. All of you that use the word Communist, we feel ya, but liquidate Webull immediately. You are losing all credibility staying on here. 1st Amendment? Censorship? Please read it and see what is protected. Monopoly? Where I live there's 1 internet/ cable provider. By definition they are a Monopoly. Everyone breathe and be objective.BLM had actual video proof of their angst. No government leader provoked them to gather. Everyone's asking Trump for massive evidence. 60 judges and Supreme Court. Dead people votes? Trump knows better. Ya don't get it off obits. Ya need social security number. Paper ballots? Trump and celebrities vote paper all the time. Independent here. Fair and balanced. 🇺🇸. Hell to the yeah. Wife, daughter, granddaughter of Colonels in 82nd Airborne.
Voter photo ID? YES! Who didn't bring that up for a vote? Congress? If ya don't vote local, then you allowed these blah blah in.
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All Comments(11)

rom***com01/15/2021 08:17
AweSome!!! Well said!!!!!


bri***com01/14/2021 13:28
this one debunked already as well?

maj***com01/14/2021 13:54

Stocks I'm holding. $ Microvision $ Etsy $ Fuel Cell $ Plug $ Jaguar $ Crox $ Match $ Inovia $ Pharm $ Crox $NIO$Nano$Cronos$Sundial$Palantir$MDB. Laid back, dazed and confused. Happy trading! Best of luck to ya.

maj***com01/14/2021 13:48

Thanks for a new source. Checked. ONE person? I'm hearing there was thousands, really big numbers. If I'm gonna fight to overthrow the gov I want to know why.
Censorship? Since electronic communication. Radio then t.v. gov owned media. No 7 swear words, no belly button, Elvis only waist up on Ed Sullivan. T.V. automatically shut down at midnight. Then no smoking. I hear ya, just show me massive fraud. Gotta close. Back to stocks. $ Tesla $ Amazon $ NVDA $ AMD $ Disney $ Apple$ Microsoft$


c0mp0ser01/14/2021 10:37
Aw, come on! You wont comment on political posts after this?
No crap, you wrote a book and said everything you had to say.
TIP: How about posting related material?

maj***com01/14/2021 21:14

You're right. Stocks only. Not social media. Former N.Y.er/ half Irish half Costa Rican. All known for...too much passion. 🇺🇸? Help yeah. Hub retired Colonel, uncle, grandfather as well. Go 82nd Airborne. Independent. Thanks again for the duct tape!


Headless01/14/2021 06:16
tf are you smoking lmao this was a halarious read, put the triple sec down karen you're off the chains today

maj***com01/14/2021 21:16

You're right. Stocks I own listed above. Alcohol? Not my preferred choice to chill.
Hope you're seeing profit!


maj***com01/13/2021 21:39
Bottom line? Lawyers are pulling out every case to dispute another lawyers claim.

Why did Trump's son in law just ban Trump from getting on other social media accounts??


maj***com01/13/2021 21:18
Ya have to show proof false ID numbers were used, who did it and when. Please show me that. That's what 60 Republican judges and The Supreme Court ask.


maj***com01/13/2021 21:15
Replied to Rawman under his comment.


iTrader01/13/2021 20:44
Ok karen

maj***com01/13/2021 20:48

Be real guy.I love watching Karen videos. Flipping out about rights they don't have.Something tells me as a proud American you never read the 1st Amendment, Censorship protection. Do you even know our 3 Branches of Government? Do you know who your state Senators are? Again, staying fair and balanced trying to read 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 laws.


Rawman500001/13/2021 20:37
look at texas, harris county. voter fraud. bug case with the AG. making up driver license and SS# is easy of you own and run it. they had piles of driver licenses. look up harris county texas. the guy busted was a biden campaign surrogate, the AG didnt even prosecuted why? hard evidence even outlined. your alseep

bri***com01/14/2021 13:29

just posted u a fresh proof up top here. wouldnt let me post down here. see if that one is debunked already also.

maj***com01/13/2021 21:48

Ken Paxton? Debunked. No proof. I'm not a Biden or Trump supporter. I want facts the rich elite white man has.

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