02/18/2021 23:28

$FuelCell Energy This comment is why this stock and $Plug Power have lost 16.55% and 10.67%.

“FuelCell, Plug Power Hammered As Texas Governor Blames Renewables For Electricity Crisis”
(Source: Benzinga, but plenty if info out.)

It only takes one comment challenging the purpose of renewable energy if crisis like TX is happening!
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Paparazzi 02/19/2021 00:46
The problem is here in Texas we are not part of the rest of the grid the US has created... the electric company here decided they had more to gain by keeping the monopoly... now when they cut the power off they didn't have enough to start it back up.


ant***com02/19/2021 00:40
Tx gov blames alternative energy such as wind turbines and solar for the power outages, yet they have absolutely nothing to do with hydrogen fuel cells. So he’s dumping on hydrogen for no reason.


M.j***com02/18/2021 23:54
But he’s wrong! Green energy was not the issue. This stings but i think it will bounce back eventually.

Kev***com02/18/2021 23:56

I agree! Just a little patience and we will prevail!


Alm***com02/18/2021 23:35
he is totally wrong. wind is only 30% of the energy in texas and its performing better than natural gas and coal. info is out


Yeeezus02/18/2021 23:33
Well hes not wrong

ste***com02/19/2021 03:19

Ohh he's wrong. The next state with the largest number of windmills in the US is Iowa. How come Iowa can go to -20 or -30 they still work? 1. TX built them & didn't install de-icers like we do up North 2. Only 13% of the outages in TX are due to downed windmills. 3. 87% are due to issues at oil, natural gas & nuclear plants. Sad but some ppl will never research past media that reaffirms beliefs so will never learn a truth if it goes against them. Hoping the worst of the bad actors get outed.

Louis Winthorpe III02/19/2021 01:46

Lmao, hes absolutely 100000% wrong.

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BuccNasty02/18/2021 23:32
So we selling?

gre***com02/19/2021 00:23

It will be back up in the future. Just down now because a bunch of braindead Americans believe everything they hear.

Quico02/18/2021 23:55

sell so I can buy you're shares

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